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  1. 52mm or 58mm for the rear, 72mm or 77mm for the front, depending on the clamp you buy and your taking lens/filter preference.
  2. Maths aside, there still aren't many anamorphics that can go this wide to begin with, let alone many other lenses that fast that match it's optical stress maximum capabilities. Shooting at 50mm would give a very different challenge as far as shots and composition. I can use this setup on a gimbal, for example. I know there are other ways to get fast anamorphics. I can double focus sharp at f/1.2 all day with my Leica 42.5 and my Ultra Star. I can even get a sharp image with a Takumar 50mm f/1.4 on a Lens Turbo with the Ultra Star. (Essentially a f/1.0 36mm) I'd love to get my hands on a T
  3. Unfortunately, after some tests, I am 100% certain that the 4:3 and 3:4 4K photo modes are cropped from the 4K video feed. When I have an anamorphic lens that barely vignettes in normal photo mode attached, that vignette disappears in 4K photo mode. If was truly using the full sensor, the vignette would still be there. I can take some pictures to prove it, but unless these is some kind of setting I am not aware of that I am not using, it does not use the full sensor at all in 4K Photo mode on the G7.
  4. Please excuse all the new posts, I am only recently catching up here. After reading in one post that the Panasonic G7 can do 4:3 video in the 4K photo mode, I was super excited to try it. I've had this camera for a year and I never thought to play with the 4K Photo mode. I haven't had a chance to try Anamorphic Mode on a GH4, but to my knowledge it was a special setting that actually used the full sensor. However, after a few tests it seems that the G7 is just taking the standard 4K video crop and cropping that to 4:3, 3:4, 1:1, etc. Am I wrong? If that's the case, it seems that it's
  5. I have balanced my unbranded 1.33x adapter on many lenses, and even the SLR Magic 50 1.33x with my 25mm Leica on the Beholder DS1. Baby scopes are definitely a possibility. I haven't done this on anything but the G7, though. I'm sure there are some really good setups for this. I have one coming in a few days that I'll share when it arrives
  6. I am interested in this app and would like an update on upcoming features. Another addition that would be great is overlays for cropping or whatever. I'd love to be able to add custom overlays for some of the 3D work I do.
  7. Hi all! I just joined, but I am not new to Anamorphic or filmmaking. I know some of you here already (Hi Tito!) and some of you may have known me in a previous online life. Recently I have been working with my current equipment setup and building up/mastering skill of what I have. Unfortunately, my current camera is a Panasonic G7 (long story), but because I'm the type that invests in glass before camera, I do have some great stuff. On to the topic at hand! I have one of those rare unbranded 1.33x adapters from the 90's. I have since modified it, added a filter ring, a
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