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  1. Looots of noise in some of those shots. High ISO?
  2. I had a T2i (KissX4 actually) and I've sat through about a thousand hours of footage shot on one and the 7D too. I can usually spot the difference, but I don't know why. And I didn't say T3i because you said "a long time ago" and the T2i is the first camera in my mind that could produce imagery like this.
  3. The little screw is all you need to remove. Don't remove the others unless you want to re-align the back anamorphic glass again. Then, you need some rubber pipe wenches because the threads are locked. You can also try wrapping the two lenses in some thick rubber bands and using big pliers (I did this on my first one). It takes a bit of force, but it's not impossible. Good luck!
  4. Man, I need to get a GH5 or something heavier. My rig is too front-heavy and is really hard to walk with and get smooth shots. Are you using custom PID settings or Pilotfly presets?
  5. Looks exactly like stuff from my 90's 1.33 without strong light. Same edges. Not bad.
  6. That setup always looked sketchy to me. Those weird 3D printed clamps wouldn't give me any confidence. It looks like they're using a slimmed-down Isco Ultra Star and calling it an Isco Micro. This means you'll be getting a super clean, sharp image with very few flares. I have no idea why they think removing a few parts means you can charge what they do. I'm not sure what else they have done to it. The weird thing is that on the lens only auction they claim you need a 50mm lens on a Micro Four Thirds camera... and then claim the same on the one with that loooong focus attachment. I can use a
  7. Not a good idea. You'll find far more people who want the individual lenses. You can make more money selling the ones with high interest and then liquidating the rest cheap.
  8. Got lost in the shots looking at the cars I miss American classics. They only pop up occasionally here in Japan. And I bet very few people know what that orange tube is on that Studebaker :D I don't know if it's just the way people who own them shoot, but I have yet to see anything shot on a Pre-36 that didn't look super clean in all the right places. Edges look good too. What was the taking lens?
  9. Yep. The Aivascope and Focuser 8 are rated for 24-55mm lenses. When I shoot 30-45mm I have few problems, if any.
  10. Yeah, I have had zero issues with the Focuser on the Aivascope as far as sharpness in most situations. It improves everything except infinity on anything longer than 40mm at fast apertures. (especially on my modern lenses for some reason...) I am still waiting on my conversion rings to get it on my other lenses, but I am happy enough with it so far. I sold my Elmoscope/Rangefinder combo to buy this (mostly because I couldn't afford something better than the Rangefinder) and I am happier with the overall feel and usability of the setup. The Focuser 8 is much better than the Rangefinder in my op
  11. My photo is taken with the Mir, not his videos. And that was wide open, yes. With the Aivascope Anamorphic, I have seen no CA. Not sure what is causing it in his videos, but it's not the Focuser 8.
  12. Nice! I got my Aivascope back and am back to filming/testing. Here's something I shot last night. Aivascope/Focuser 8/Mir 1B/G7.
  13. Just posting because I confirmed today, the GH5 is not language locked. Most Panasonics sold in Japan (in fact, all I think) were Japanese only. Played with a GH5 at Yodabashi Camera and the clerk confirmed that it's not locked to Japanese. Might be helpful for anybody traveling abroad or buying online.
  14. I neeeeed one of those Voightlander pancakes. The 40mm m42 one plus Lens Turbo puts it at the minimum vignette-free angle for my Aivascope. Don't have a GH5, but here's what I'm using now. Panasonic G7, Sigma 30mm f/2.8 Art, Aivascope 1.75x anamorphic, Aivascope Focuser 8, Behoder DS1. If I remove the rubber eye cup I can get full rotation and it's perfectly balanced with this setup. The Focuser 8 makes it front-heavy, so the camera is pushed back further on the rig. I'm hoping that when I get a GH5 a heavier camera will make this easier to balance. I can also balance th
  15. Well, it's all about size. The Canon 40mm pancake plus a speedbooster is still pretty small. Other than that, you don't have many compact options for Canon and a speedbooster. I got a M43 Sigma 30mm Art specifically to use with my Aivascope, and it's super compact. There isn't anything in the 30mm range as small and light as that from Canon. There are plenty of high quality and speed options for M43 too. I mean, you can't really use the fast end of most lenses on anamorphics and wide lenses are usesless too. So using a Speedbooster to add speed and viewing angle doesn't add anything except the
  16. What stretch are you looking for? There's a bunch in the 1.33x side, and a few on the 1.5x side. If you want it on a gimbal, then your options are a bit more limited. "Handheld" is relative. Before I sold it, my Elmoscope-II/Rangefinder rig considered handheld to me. But I couldn't get that on a gimbal. (I don't have a Movi or Ronin). Most 2.0x rigs are kinda on the big side. I'd love to see how get got that one on the Defy gimbal he's using. It's gotta be pushing the limits of that thing. In the M43 realm, smaller scopes are a great possibility. I'm currently using a Aivascope 1.75x with
  17. Looks to be the size of the old Century Optics and the unbranded 1.33 I have. If it has 52mm rear threads and is less than $500 it'll be a hit. Now if they'd only make a 1.5x version...
  18. Wow! So the 40.5 just screws right on to the Möller? You totally have me interested in one now. How are you mounting it to the camera?
  19. Any way you can show a picture of how you have it mounted on the Möller? I have become interested in the 32 version.
  20. Well, the Aivascope is possibly the best thing for it to happen to. They're still made, the creator is readily available, and it has a pretty modular design. If it wasn't for the crack, he could have just sent me a shell replacement and it'd be done. I'm hoping the get the Focuser 8 on some more lenses soon. Will have updates when I can. Man, the flares are the best part This is also a small sample of light sources, as I didn't get a chance to film anything else at golden hour or night. Only white hot sun... Different lenses and apertures greatly effect the flare, so I hope to ge
  21. I had planned on doing a big overview and thorough test of the Aivascope before posting anything. But in the middle of my shoot day this happened: Was taking off the magfilter when it slipped out of my hand and fell 10 cm on the concrete. Could have been worse. It's on it's way back to Lithuania for repair. I have never dropped a lens...or phone... or even a glass in my life. It sucked. So, until it returns, I decided to throw together what I filmed that day. Didn't plan on using so much of the footage... so I'm sorry if it's not up to par. First and last shot were done on
  22. Yep. As long as you have rail support and your zoom can go to the 35mm equivalent of what is needed to clear the anamorphic, you should be fine. I have shot tests on my old Sony HDR-HC1 with both projection lenses and regular anamorphics. I kinda wish I knew about this when I got the camera over 10 years ago. Would have been fun to do.
  23. Wonderful! I have my Focuser 8 too, but I'm waiting for the weather to clear up to shoot something with it. How do you feel about it overall? I think if the focus ring was just a tiny bit smoother it'd be a home run, but it's so clean. Works perfectly so far. How did you attach it to the Moller? It fits on my Aivascope perfectly but I'm waiting for some rings to get it on my other lenses. Because of how it's inset I came up with a setup that goes from a 72mm to a 49mm, then a 49mm to 52mm.
  24. These have been around for awhile. They're rather large but work good with cine lenses. The 1.33x ones they made pre-date the SLR Magic. They're double focus, but have been used in big productions for years. I think the 1.8x ones are new. I'd love to try one someday.
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