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  1. When it comes to cost/quality, nothing touches the Tamron. I would never even think about getting the Tokina or any other 72mm 0.5+ diopter. Only spend the big bucks if you need something less than 0.5+ or something bigger than 72mm. Get the A9FB and do the filter mod, or find a A9F that already has 72mm threads. I have a bunch, they're super cheap here in Japan.
  2. I could never get a 40.5mm step ring on mine securely. My 72mm front clamp fits on the front and I feel confident that it will hold what I need it to. That and there is no added vignetting that even a small step ring may cause.
  3. I have absolutely nothing in this except a favorability to credibility and quality. I am going on several accounts by others about the quality and the shadiness of the Anamorphic Store's practices. Their rangefinder in particular is known to fall apart and is taken from a single focus Bell & Howell scope, which they are running out of and raising their prices because they can't get them cheap anymore. The reason there is no real review of their "rangefinder" is that nobody with any real knowledge would buy one anymore. We usually stop people here or in the Facebook group before they d
  4. ProtoDNA is coming out this month or next month. It's basically the same size as that junk with a significantly better housing and new optics. Once that is released for about the same price, that guy will have no choice but lower his prices on his "Premium Rangefinder". I also have a friend that is looking for Ultra Star stocks to buy. As soon as he finds enough at a good price he'll put them on ebay. Our goal is to put Anamorphic Store out of business or for him to lower his prices significantly. Maybe we'll even actually modify a few and make a REAL "Isco Micro", which never existe
  5. Second firmware update fixed that. The IS is why I will be keeping my GH5 for a long time. Going handheld with long anamorphics? That shouldn't even be possible. But it is. Combine with 60fps 4K and there is nothing on the market that can compare.
  6. This is a task that I am also trying to accomplish with my AG-LA7200 1.33x anamorphic. I tried making oval discs for the rear of my taking lens and it didn't work too well. If you are getting oval bokeh from the front of the taking lens but have reflections, try getting some laser cut and paint them matte black. That's what I will try next. Other than that, the best way is to modify an old lens with an oval bokeh disc near the aperture inside the lens. There aren't many modern lenses you can do that to.
  7. whoisjsd

    Kowa advice

    Yep, if you can get a good deal on one they're a great start.
  8. whoisjsd

    Kowa advice

    I have one. They're easy to take apart and clean if you know how to align anamorphics. They are not, however, easy to shoot with. It's a very large and heavy lens. Nice light flares, though. I haven't tried it on anything but infinity or 5 meters as far as focus. Anything else would require diopters. Close focus is not possible with this lens as-is.
  9. Probably pretty good! It'd be like my Ultra Star but with flares most likely. it should be short and big enough to have little or no vignetting. I would like to shave down the front of my Ultra Star someday and see if I can get it vignette free with this setup.
  10. First video test with the 75mm Cosmicar f/1.4 C-mount lens and the Isco Ultra Star 2x Anamorphic. It's my first c-mount lens and boy is it special. Other than a few small issues with some of the shots in post (Some of the early scenery shots fell apart instantly in post...) I am extremely happy with the results of this combo. After making some tweaks in the future, I think this is a real world setup for a unique and beautiful look. The challenges I faced were the razor thin focus and the seemingly random vignette. First challenge is mostly because the aperture blades are hexagonal, so to
  11. It's easy! Just make everything golden.... Specs: Panasonic GH5, C4K 24fps 400mb/s ALL-I M42 Lens Turbo II Iron Glass Modified Helios 44-M 58mm Kenko YA 3 orange filter I had been thinking of ways to make use of the SLR Magic Anamorphot-50 outside of it’s basic look. I have a small collection of orange filters that I had been getting cheap on Yahoo auction for a year now, and decided to make use of one of the larger ones I have. A lot of people complain about the strong blue flares on the Anamorphot-50 and how contrasty and out of place they can be. Well, I thin
  12. Hi Everyone! I usually only lurk in the Anamorphic forum, but I recently finished a big spherical project. I teamed up with skater Luis Mora to tell his story while in Tokyo. We shot very quickly all around the city and still didn't get everywhere. I also gained a new respect for skate filmers, as it's really hard to do right. Overall, we met his hard deadline with only hours to spare. Other than wishing I had more time to color correct (Most of the choices were his, especially anything that has been brightened) but I'm pretty damn happy with the result for the time we took to make it! Gear
  13. Good luck. 1.5x lenses are rare and expensive. 2x lenses work better for the GH5's anamorphic mode and you have a bit more in the way of options. Unfortunately, other than the imperial making SLR Magic rangefinder, there are no single focus adapters you can get right now. (Except lucky finds on ebay) And they are all very expensive. Taking lenses are the easy part. Just look around and find what looks best for you.
  14. The problem with most older zooms that rotate is they also move forward and backward when rotating, making rails impractical as well. If it doesn't move forward and backward then get a tripod lens clamp or a Redstan clamp that has a tripod foot. If it does move forward and backward then I don't recommend it at all for anamorphic use.
  15. Okay, I have been wanting to reply to this for awhile, but I have been so busy lately. I will do my best to help with what you have described. First... unfortunately... you may be screwed. Those brass tabs are precision engineered to fit the slots. By filing the sides, you may have guaranteed that your Moller will never be sharp. The tabs sometimes don't fit any way other than the way they came. If you tried each tab facing both ways and it didn't fit, then just a wipe down on both the tab and the slot should suffice. The tabs have to be facing the same way in the slot they were removed f
  16. The SLR Magic 40 Compact is about your only option. But I doubt it'll work well at fast apertures. Should be fine at 2.8 and up, though.
  17. Thank you very much I want to say you can go 45mm, but only with a thinner lens setup. I hope to try some thinner taking lenses later this year. I use the 42.5mm Nocticron with it as well, but only in ETC mode. I know of the Ishico lens, but I have never used it.
  18. Full stats: Camera: Panasonic GH5, 60fps 4K, ISO 1600 mostly, SS 100 always. V-LOG, Firmware 2.0 with Anamorphic IS and IS lock. Lens: Pentax Super Takumar 50mm 1.4, used at f/1.4 and f/2.0 Anamorphic: Möller 32/2x 0.5+ and 3.0+ diopters. Filmed near Yokohama Station, Japan. So, this was the rig I was using for this shoot. While the camera+lenses balance perfectly, I had to make a custom support to do so. This worked very well. The only downside is that the camera and lens sit a bit high and I sometimes get the occasional horizontal wobble. This could most like
  19. I have the Redstan on mine and there really is no other option if you want something safe, secure, and100% usable. The problem with the Möller is that you can't really use a tripod ring unless you are locking it at Infinity. I think the rear is too small for most DIY clamps, as the front is much more heavier in comparison. The upside of a clamp like Tito's, though, is that you can get the rear of the anamorphic closer to the taking lens glass in some instances. But you defiantly need rails. With the Redstan and the right taking lens, you can totally freehand the Möller without support. It's l
  20. I have found that 30-40mm is the sweet spot. My 30mm Sigma Art 2.8 is almost perfect with the Aivascope. You just need to use the AMC plugin to get rind of the anamorphic mumps on the sides. Works even better in ETC mode.
  21. Why so many step rings? Shouldn't one do the job? Then you have less vignetting...
  22. After Effects DOES allow for custom aspect ratios. Google how to change the interpretation rules txt file and where it is on your computer.
  23. Premier doesn't like custom file sizes and aspect ratios. Your best bet is still to edit in 2x and then do it in After Effects.
  24. It could, but you also need something to mount the lens on, so you need another plate for the front of the lens. maybe one of those simple SmallRig bars would work. I don't have one of those lenses myself, so I'm not sure exactly what would work. That base plate on those rails may not push the camera high enough to get it center with the anamorphic. You need to figure out the best way to mount the anamorphic on the front too. Do you know what size tripod collar will fit it yet? Just find something close. A bit bigger is better, you can use something to fill in the gap. Smaller won't work.
  25. Nope, what you have there is a full sized anamorphic. No taking lens. Just find a tripod collar that fits, put it on rails (you might need 2 levels depending on you camera or taking lens), find a long taking lens (Most likely a Helios will work on MFT) and then learn to double focus. Those things are all over Japan auction sites for cheap. I might pick one up someday just to mess around with.
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