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  1. When copies with coating loss start going for $3k USD by this time next year don't say I didn't tell ya. The ONLY way the prices of these are going to go down is if somebody comes out with a modern equivalent. Iscoramas are going for double what they were 2 years ago, Bolexs too. There is not a single scope that has stayed the same price in the past few years other than the giants. If you want to blame anybody, blame the current crop of Bolex users who tout it's above average quality compared to other scopes and produce above average content with them. Until something of equal comparison
  2. I think that's wishful thinking. While one DID sell for $1300 on ebay recently, it sold after 5 minutes of being listed. (I know that because I know who bought it.) One in good condition still fetches around $2000. There is a guy in the Facebook community that has a Mint one that is asking 2500 Euros. I think $1600 for one that is in usable condition is a steal. Anything lower would have to be in really rough shape. Good ones will fetch around $2000 and I doubt that will go any lower in the future.
  3. 100% a Kowa. But you know what is even more weird? It doesn't come up in my search for Anamorphot on ebay. I never saw it until now. Only appears if I search Animex.
  4. Speed boosters are weird. I don't have one for anything but M42 so I can't really test beyond that. the M42 adapter and most lenses are kinda long so it doesn't really help with vignette. The issue I have is that for him to get that FOV he'd have to be using a 35mm taking lens on the speedbooster. I don't know many 35mm taking lenses that work WITHOUT a speedbooster, so I'm not sure of the math. I think this was asked before. If you get a 25mm cine Cooke anamorphic and put it on the GH5, it's a 50mm HFOV in full frame terms. So yes, the 35mm SLR Magic would be a 70mm HFOV.
  5. Most of us on principle stay away from the Anamorphic Store. He steals designs and code without giving credit, EVERYTHING they make on their end is really sketch and poorly built. Their prices have a MASSIVE markup, and they create fake products like the "Isco Micro" that never existed just to charge a premium. You can do better cheaper. Unfortunately, many people choose them because it's the first thing on ebay that seems to have everything they need. Put it's a real poor choice overall, especially for what you want to do. His calculator is stolen from Tito Ferradans. His might give
  6. I thought these were 1.8x? I tired to buy one a year ago but the shipping to Japan was more than the lens, hah.
  7. That was great! Good pacing and feel. Nice match with the drone shots (Something I have been working on recently). Keep at it!
  8. Chopping off the front and back excess to try and get better coverage and less/no vignetting. Won't do it until I can afford another Ultra Star.
  9. Cosmicar 75mm c-mount lens with the Isco Ultra Star. It's really hard to find a combination to be 100% vignette free with this setup. I thought about modifying my Ultra Star to make it vignette free just for this lens. Need to modify the lens aperture disc first, though. I absolutely love the look. Need to shoot with it more and add the Rapido FVD-16A.
  10. There are very few 2x anamorphic setups where I would not use rails. Al single focus solutions can make the rig front heavy, so rails are highly recommended.
  11. Nope, that's one of the only things the Rangefinder has on FVD. My FVD focuses with little resistance. Maybe the next version can fix that. Would love something on Voightlander level.
  12. Yep! Currently only bested by the HCDNA, and not by much. I am very happy with it. I've owned the rangefinder and the difference is massive.
  13. It depends on the length/width, not the weight. As long as it can fit in one of the Full Metal Jackets or can take a 77mm filter clamp (with adapter), you're good.
  14. They didn't show up on my Helios/Moller 32/2x video at all. Will conduct more tests. Super busy this weekend and I need to break it down anyway. May not post another test but will remember to check.
  15. Here you are... I went down to the station and filmed a few basic tests. This is a worst case scenario as far as setup... bad follow focus and lots of wind. But it's good to show what it can do.
  16. I will film some today after work. I currently have it set up with the Ultra Star and the Super Takumar. My follow focus isn't exactly great, but you'll get the idea.
  17. I have been shooting when I can since I got the Rapido set. I was at the Youtube Tokyo Hanami Party for a little bit so I decided to throw together some of the video I shot there, as there still isn't much FVD-16A footage out yet. Let's just say that I am extremely happy with it. I have the parts to use my Isco Ultra Star with this setup as well. I will shoot a bit with that after I finish practicing and tweaking with the Moller setup. Right now the only thing I’m missing is something in between the Moller and the Ultra Star, and then I’d have the anamorphic trifecta. My
  18. whoisjsd

    Kowa advice

    Photos of the glass aren't really that good. But if the glass is clear and the focus is somewhat smooth, then yes. Should be fine. You're better off using a clamp than finding out what the thread is. I highly doubt there is any step ring that would fit it. The reason there isn't so much out there shot with these is that they are large and cumbersome to work with. I have a tripod collar on mine and a special rail setup just to get it mounted. It's still not easy. Good luck!
  19. whoisjsd

    Kowa advice

    Yes, pretty much every large anamorphic is 2x. If you are shooting on a GH4/5 something about 55-58mm should do the trick. I don't have any footage on mine yet but I will soon (Need to take it back apart and finish cleaning/re-greasing) A lot of these just say Kowa Prominar Anamorphic and nothing else. There are some gold ones too. Sorry if that doesn't help, I usually only can tell by seeing them.
  20. Stay away from that shop. They're bad news. Get a Rapido setup: http://www.rapidotechnology.com/ Get the clamp, Full Metal Jacket, and the Variable Diopter and you'll be good to go. Dude I have no idea what ebay you are using. I am using the same ebay everybody does. The cheapest regular ANAMORPHIC Ultra star there is $379. The cheapest red one is $549. The rest are NOT ANAMORPHIC ISCOs. Do not spread such misinformation. People have been buying Regular Iscos and then going into anamorphic communities asking questions. It's a bigger waste of money and time than overspend
  21. Wow. First off... no. I have not seen a red Ultra Star for under $300 in YEARS that was usable quality. They were always higher that the regular ones. Second, everything you see for sale now or that has sold in the past few months in that price range are just regular projection lenses. A few gold anamorphic ones have sold for decent prices. SEVERAL Red Stars have sold for $500+ in new condition. If anybody asked me, a fair price for a red one is $300. If you can get it for less, get it if the quality is there. Anamorphic projection lens prices have been skyrocketing everywhe
  22. Technically any anamorphic adapter will, just depends on the situation. It's not so much the filter ring size, it's the glass size in the lens and how close you can get the anamorphic to the taking lens glass. If the front glass of the lens is huge and it's a somewhat wide lens, then yes, you need something like the LA7200 or a Letus. If you are worried about losing light only than it depends on the situation. Many adapters don't work at fast apertures anyway. I would use the tiny Aivascope on my 42.5mm Nocticron when I had it. No aperture change until f/2.0, but even f/2.0 wasn't going
  23. @don carlos It drastically differs depending on the lens. On the Kowa-8 2x lens I can use the full range of the 45-175, but it's a rare and fantastic lens. I don't have any of the Bolex lenses so I can't say for sure. At f/4 to f/5.6 you are looking at sharp images through the range that is usable.
  24. The first link is the 72mm threaded one. Thats a good price too. The second one is the bayonet version. Same glass, you'll just have to put the glass in a 72mm UV filter ring or something. It's not hard to do.
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