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  1. I can't edit the post for some reason. I had to fix the vid. Here's an updated version:
  2. Earlier this year I was lucky enough to grab a Kowa Anamorphic 35-BE 40mm T 2.3 cine lens. This purchase ended up being overwhelming in more ways than I could ever imagine. It threw me down a rabbit hole of lens mystery, lens design, more luck, and some amazing connections in the industry. Rare glass opens doors and this journey is just beginning. First off, the obvious visual and important point is that this is NOT a normal Kowa cine anamorphic. There are actually 3 kinda of Kowa Cine anamorphics. The very common Prominar 35-BS, the 35-BR telephotos, and these, the 35-BE cine anamorphics
  3. I'd also like to add that the 42.5mm f/1.2 lens is one of the most frustrating lenses to shoot anamorphic with. Either you get vignetting on most setups or you lose a lot of light on smaller lenses. Only some 1.5x lenses work well.
  4. Getting the 3D inserts right the first time was my process. Not sure how I can help you there. If you have never designed anything like this before or worked with 3D printing it's a challenge I can't help you with.
  5. Yeah, but I made them snug enough to work without glue. Lot of testing has to be done before you lock them down.
  6. I replied on my website as well, but no. Not really. I mean, you can use some wide angle adapters, but they have their own problems. The only other anamorphics with variable diopters are Iscoramas, and they're a bit pricey to take just the glass out of.
  7. @YAUN I had the lens as a demo, so I returned it after I was finished. I'll be doing demo on all Aivascope lenses from here on out. Have the new PRO 1.5x right now. You can find Aivascope only on Facebook. I'm not sure if he's still selling the 1.75x lens right now, the new version was expensive to make. He may be done with them. If you can find one used they're really good for the form factor. Add a ProtoDNA and you have a pocket sized winner.
  8. These are very, very rare. I only know of two blue/purple Elmo II's, zero B&H, and a very small handful of 16-H, 8-Z lenses. I've had a few, but they've all sold for $1500+. I can put you on the list for when/if I find another one. Japan seems to be the only place with unfound ones so far.
  9. Everybody who has done it will tell you it's the hardest thing to do ever. Both of the B&H lenses I had came with damaged anamorphic blocks, so I didn't care what happened to those. I set the lens on fire (controlled) after letting some paint remover soak into the seam of the screws. Even then it took a LOT of force. You might need some rubber pipe wrenches to get it open even after that. I don't recommend doing what I do unless you have experience heating parts and metal. Even then, it's the least fun thing I have even done in lens modding.
  10. Yes, it is a variable diopter. It's the front variable diopter from a Bell & Howell 2x single focus projection lens. The anamorphic glass on mine was damaged, so I took the songle focus elements out. I do not suggest doing this to a lens in good condition.
  11. No. Only the Bell & Howell 2x has this glass.
  12. How did you get this? That's a rare gem indeed.
  13. That's because it ended over a year ago.
  14. Actually it's 77mm. Also, RAF Camera can make you a custom ring from the 75mm male to any size. He already has some in 62mm for the Bolex.
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