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  1. We don't have a multi screen setup, it's just for recording with OBS. The screens came from nowhere with the update.

    But yes I would try uninstalling driver and reinstall, remember to unplug network just in case Windows Update wanna install drivers for it while you do it.
    There is an option to disable windows update from doing drivers with gpo if you have Win10 Pro, if you can, do that, since Microsoft have no idea what they are doing at times.

  2. On 2/25/2018 at 10:06 AM, Orangenz said:

    What''s the story on the output? Tried a brand new 8 core and it blue screened which was rather annoying. 

    In short creative fall update messed something up with driver and on a system level, so I had 3 2560x1440 screens that didn't go anywhere but at least teamviewer saw them.
    I uninstalled the KB and reinstalled Nvidia driver and it kinda worked. There is still an internal 2560x1440 monitor left that noone knows where it is and what it is connected too, some other stuff still left from creative fall update but it works again.
    I had great trouble installing it from the beginning too where it did the same thing. So windows update pushed out a driver for the Nvidia card that don't work and bricked it before I could do anything. So one reinstall later (are we having fun yet) and I unplugged network cable before windows could do anything, and installed driver manually first thing. Then it worked.
    Searching for this problem shows threads two years old and windows still bricks installations this way (yes we having fun).

  3. Ubuntu is great I guess, but have the same problem as Win 10, it has to be hacked into submission with the bloat removed. A few commands copy pasted from some website somewhere should work.

    And don't get me started the telemetry.

    We do use Final Cut and Compressor currently but wish for a Windows alternative. (CC subscription is not an alternative)

    I should clarify that we use Win10 Pro since Blackmagic refuse to supply working Win7x64 drivers for their decklink cards even tho it's on the HCL list

    The bloat is easier to remove, and there are apps like anti beacon to solve telemetry and so on, it's just annoying that I have to be hacking to make things work like I want, the average user still has to walk the border of the acceptable and sometimes go over just cause they need to do something important.

  4. With Pro you can kinda pick and choose, with home you are pretty much forced to restart whenever it feels like installing updates. Yes there are ways to make it behave.

    And yes bloatware is a start menu taking 5 sec to open because reasons. They managed to fix it so good on them, but that does not mean I want store and ads for games in there by default.

  5. You NEED to have some sort of VNC/Teamviewer running in case display outputs brick with Win 10, which they do (thank you creative fall update)

    I would not say Win 10 is better or more optimized than Win 7, but it is different, and it may or may not work better or worse when compared.

    Win 10 is for sure more bloated and require more hardware thrown at it to make up for it, but that is pretty much not an issue any more and it does take advantage of it if you have it too.

    Just be careful when installing updates as nightmares do hide behind KB numbers, Win 10 Pro for example should have the option to disable drivers with updates.

  6. Spring 2016 was going to be the launch for cheap ssd storage with the new technology, but that never happened, price really have not come down much since then. Sure the high capacity drives have become somewhat cheaper since they don't fetch quite the same premium as they did then but not much changed in the sub 1TB category.

    The EVO 850 for example costs as much or more now than two years ago.

  7. I'm not sure I know what I'm doing but I wanted the foreground to feel cold and unwelcome which is augmented bu the somewhat rough bokeh of it. I wanted the slight sunlight in the distance to be warm-ish like a small glimmer of hope, and the face not too cold but still a bit weather beaten so to speak.

    I have not really calibrated monitor so I'm not sure what it will look like.


  8. I only ever looked through the evf on A7s and A7r and I was not that impressed, granted it was only a short peek and no idea of setting but still. The A7r had some expensive Zeiss prime but was hunting and slow af.
    I would say you need o try it and see for yourself if you can make it work well for you, I see no reason why it would not be able to take great pictures, but handling would be the number one thong that can go wrong, that and dead batteries.

  9. Hoping the 4k 30p limitation is not due to rolling shutter. Also I hope it can be powered of USB while shooting.
    Other than grip not fitting a larger battery it's nothing a bit of clay can't fix.

  10. It's waaaaay more advanced than that, since a DMD is a 1bit device it needs to make a 10bit image out if that exposing different mirrors different amount of time, And with that you have a color wheel that shows different colors at different times over the dmd and so on. One method is to binary flash images with different time duration, so one that lasts half the frame then next one half that then half that until you have 10bit. You quickly run out of time to get those last bits mind you. So they have to do more tricks than that.

    I would have been less bugged if it was a 1080p with super resolution and they told you about it's advantages and disadvantaged and how they achieve it.

    One big advantage should be less screen door since pixels do overlap a bit, one big negative is the fun border around it and less contrast.

  11. 7 hours ago, Emanuel said:

    So their "True 4K UHD 8.3M Pixel resolution"* is BS to your book?

    * http://www.benq.us/product/projector/HT2550

    It's a 1080p chip moved 4 times so yes it's BS in my book.

    I'm sure it does a decent job at it, and it probably looks good due to the very high refresh rate that requires (since it display 4 1080 images after each other every frame). It's not like you would notice the difference in sharpness, they do have a setting for that. <- mix between sarcasm and reality

  12. Thunderbolt stopped working for no reason and bricked out recording mac mini.

    Ironically win10 creators fall update KB4054517 decided to install even tho it should not and bricked our new recording machine, glad we had team viewer cause windows update literally bricked every display output, still unsure if uninstall will fix it as I have not looked at it any more. Sure as heck hope it can be fixed. There is plenty of ppl having things to say about that update bricking there system too from last year, so how it was forcefully installed now baffles  (but not surprise) me. I hope the group policy changes I made gonna prevent this in the future, good thing it's pro version. Scary to say the least.


    I should add that my personal computer have win7 that I have never ever run windows update on since 2014 or whenever I installed it, never had a problem, well one problem after I panicly manually installed the patch for wannacry, that was a mistake as it bricked some stuff but fine, that's on me.

  13. Log is only relevant for compression where you trade bit depth in areas where it simply does not matter, highlight does simply not need the same attention as lower values and you would be wasting a lot if info if you encoded everything in linear.

    *edit* Meant to view post not save it yet :P

    Anyway the difference in bright objects can be very high yet we don't see it so you easily waste a few bits just for that 1:100 sun to sky ratio.

    I kinda like linear tho for certain operations tho. White balance for one since it can't be done right in any other way.

  14. Do some different scenarios, like candle lit dinner, day at beach and whatnot, but match DOF and field of view. With and without SB.

    Think more of what do I want to do and try doing that and see what setup breaks first and what you need to do to fix it. If it can be done.

  15. 12 hours ago, JDW said:

    The GH5's documentation is seriously lacking details on the Mic Input, but Panasonic sells an optional DMW-XLR1 audio device for the GH5 that provides 48V Phantom power, so I do not believe the built-in Mic Input of the GH5 offers such phantom power output...


    To clarify, the phantom power is only 2.3V typically and is there to power condenser microphones that ether have built in FET buffer or just need bias voltage to operate. The purpose of it is the same but on a lot smaller scale.

  16. 9 hours ago, webrunner5 said:

    Capacitors basically store voltage, they do not reduce it. Resistors do that. Diodes are basically a one way valve, and Transistors are basically a Switch.

    A capacitor will indeed store a charge, and by doing that make a voltage potential over itself, thereby making a opposite voltage to that the camera would put out thus canceling it out or "reduce it". It does not need a current through it to keep it there so it's great for removing DC voltage.'

    A resistor needs a current through it to make any voltage potential.


    With L-pad you need output and input impedance to calculate an accurate damping value, however you can guess it and see if it affects it much at all. 100k series with 10k parallel would likely do just fine, at worst you get a little more attenuation than you wanted. Depending on the recorder it could handle any DC just fine, especially when attenuated since current will be very low.
    22k with 2k resistor might be less noisy and also load the recorder with what it wants. If you want less attenuation you just use higher parallel resistor.
    *edit* you could ignore caps for now as it should be fine.

  17. Most (from what I have seen) mic input have phantom power, that is why your headphones makes a noise when you plug them into your phone, so plugging a line output into that is not that great. I doubt the mic input have been damaged due to just that as it handles a DC voltage of about 2.3V (think I measured that on my computer) and you kind of run that over the pins while putting it in.

    A few resistors and a couple of caps to remove DC would likely be just fine. if you want to make your own cable. There are plenty of L-pad calculators to get the desired dB of damping.

  18. Any low light comparisons that is NOT youtube?

    From side by side comparison I found one decent frame at ISO400 vlog to look at and it seems about a stop at best, but that could just be cause GH5 was sharper (through sharpening) as that brings out noise too. Rest was to compressed to look at but the magic looks to happen above that 2k ISO.


    As noted above IBIS is never really off, it ether tries to correct detected camera body motion, or lock it down electronically to move with it, which is not super easy ether as there is a finite power to do so and shocks can be very harsh in that mode vs the sensor just "letting go" when in correction mode since you want the sensor to be stationary relative to ground and not camera. If that made sense.

  19. I'm gonna try answering "what am I missing" question.

    In short what you gain in dynamic range you loose in color and accuracy. Video compression is done with human perception in mind most of the time, to throw away what we have trouble seeing and give more room to what we are sensitive for, and log unless used without grading is going to push that around a lot. Some parts the "right" way and some parts stretched apart.

    saying hlg is inferior to vlog is like saying chocolate is inferior to vanilla, they are different and used for different things. And I would guess that shooting some scenes in HLG is going to look better than shooting vlog internally. If you have external recorder and bitrate to throw at it then by all means go vlog all the time.

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