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  1. On 7/4/2016 at 4:14 AM, tweak said:

    Hi Brian,

    I've been shooting in 4:3 and something close to 5:4. You can basically select any aspect you want which is cool. In 4:3 and 5:4 it uses the full height of the sensor just cropped a bit on the sides. In 16:9 Raw it uses the full width of the sensor which is a 1.62x crop.

    Use this table to find any answers you need - http://rbrune.github.io/mlraw/

    Even though the actual resolution on 7Draw is so much less than GH4 4K 4:3 I much prefer the look of the image. I know it's cliche' but GH4 looks very digital even with whatever post work you can do, 7D looks great with minimal work. 

    Can you post any samples of your 7D anamorphic footage? I'd love to see how it compares, since its such a subjective medium. Thanks!

  2. 1 hour ago, Julian said:

    I'm holding on to it for now... I should start using my gear again sometime :)

    I do have some diopters I'm willing to part with. Like the Tamron +0.5 diopter (72mm close up adapter lens for 28-200mm) It's not an achromat, but it's cheap and works quite ok. You can find plenty of info on the anamorphic forum here.

    I do have some smaller achromats. Not sure if useful but if anyone is interested, send me a message:

    Minolta Close-Up Lens No. 0. 55mm - diopter +1
    Leitz Elpro VIIb 54mm (weird size) - diopter +0.75 (?)
    Minolta Close-Up Lens for Autopak-8 67mm - diopter +2.5, or +3 according to http://www.ki.tng.de/~sgude/achromats.html?



    Nah I need a 72mm or larger and only iso achromats +1 or lower.

    Thanks though.

  3. 1 hour ago, Julian said:

    I've actually never used it. Collecting dust in my closet with my collection of anamorphots. Shame on me... I know :expressionless:

    It's mounted onto my Kowa B&H though. Perfect fit with the 72mm size.

    What I've seen/heard it's really good, like the Tokina. The Tokina is expensive because most people who have it know what it is. With the Minolta that's not the case so you can get it cheaper if you're lucky. But actually it kind of is the same product, both diopters were originally design to use with big telezooms.


    Would you be interested in selling the diopter?

  4. On 6/7/2013 at 1:08 PM, Julian said:

    I bought the Minolta Close-UP lens for 100-500mm... $120 incl. shipping.



    Might sound cheap for an achromatic 72mm 0.43 diopter (that's what it is, right? I hope that really is the truth :P) but I feel dumb because the same seller put exactly this diopter up a week ago, bidding from 0.99 and there were no bids.. I followed it, but forgot it in the end and it went unsold.. damn, that would have been a steal!


    Anyway, if this really is the 72mm 0.43 achromat, then it's probably the cheapest one to get anyway.. I'm not paying $300 for a filter...

    How'd you end up liking this achromat? What anamorphic were you putting it on? I'm considering one off ebay or just going with the tokina .4

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