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  1. It is apparently because, slog has a 16-235 (or something like that) range, whereas other picture styles have 0-255 range. The histogram shows range from 0 to 255 brightness values, but slog's highest value is just 235 - not perfectly white. Same with blacks.

    That doesn't mean though, that your image is not overexposed. It actually is, but it is overexposed at 235 brightness value, not 255.

    When first time shooting with a picture profile, that has a max value of 235, you have to be careful not to blow out highligts. Because if you don't know, that 235 is the max, you're looking at histogram and thinking - nice, the exposure is ok - but actually your highights are blown out at 235 and there's nothing you can do about it in post.

  2. Looking at the information found about nx300 hack (the one which disables recording time limit), it seems that one way of doing some hacking would be with a firmware update.

    Another way of doing it might be through wifi or connecting the camera to pc with a cable. If it would be possible to enter the camera as a developer/debug mode, maybe some code could be changed right in the camera.

    As I understand, that nx1.zip file contains the updated firmware 1.4 which is running on the camera. Now when we have access to it, we can find the parameters, that describe the things we need to change, let's try the bitrate first. I just used search and was able to find many mentions of "bitrate" in the zip along with numbers like "min = 6000000" and "max = 8000000". Don't know what these numbers are for, but that is a start. So we need to find the right numbers and pack them in a new firmware update, like the nx300 hacker did.

    Here is a description of that process: https://sites.google.com/site/nxcryptophotography/diy-firmware

    And then someone needs to be brave enough to test it :D


  3. Since there is no need to convert the footage for editing anymore, is this guide updated about the features now available?

    I'm asking this because I got my nx1 only a month ago, so I have never gone the conversion way, but what I have found out is that probably in Premiere Pro the footage behaves differently. When I am watching it with VLC or WMP it clearly shows blown highlights, this happens also in Premiere, but in Premiere with a luma curve I can recover around half a stop of those lost highlights. Don't know how is this possible since it's not raw.

    If I take a screenshot from VLC or WMP and try to put a luma curve on that, it doesn't do anything, but footage in premiere is able to recover some highlights. That gives a question, whether editready or other transcoding software was able to see those highlights before conversion, or they just got lost in it.

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