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  1. On 4/8/2017 at 5:34 AM, Geoff CB said:

    Its a great detailed clean image, with the best motion cadence on a more-than-1080p camera.

    The problems 1) No flat profile

    2) difficult to rig up with viewfinder/moniter because there was no cages made for it, so the small HDMI port is hard to deal with. 

    the stock NX500 screen doesn't show the image? I have to use an external monitor?

    Also, do you get the cropped 4k FOV? You'd get full view right?

  2. I understand that the 2.5k video mode for the nx500 is a reality now via the hack. Are there any reviews or opinions on the benefits of this hack? What does it give you in real world terms beyond what the stock settings provide? less moire? less noise? less skewing? less aliasing? what are the pros and cons? thank you.

  3. I have the NX1, I love it for slow motion and 4K and in the right light, it creates a beautiful, detailed images, but you have to REALLY protect your highlights, they blow so easily. The rolloff isn't awful, but in harsh light, it is hard to use. Also, transcoding is a pain and low light is pretty bad. Maybe future upgrades will bring a bit more latitude and other features.

    I also have an A7s and that is my go to camera for everything else. If you can spring that little extra cash, it is by far the better camera, imho.

    ​This has been my experience too after some months with the NX1. Worst of all is frequent aliasing. I simply cannot recommend this camera if your intent is video. NX1 seems to  under perform its specs and I think it's a bust in terms of video capability. Stills is another story. For 3 grand you can get a way better video camera (body plus 16-50 package). 

    I pulled out an my old weather worn GH2 today and did some home vids. Looked way way way cleaner and artifact free than the NX1. Samsung needs to get serious about optimizing this cams alleged potential, these firmware updates are just nibbles along the edges, the camera just isn't that good at video, it needs nearly a perfect storm of small lighting ratios and carefully chosen subjects that won't alias to get a good image in video. 

  4. NX1 owners are very defensive about the NX1's image, they claim either the NX1 doesn't alias at all, or that the aliasing, if any, is from scaling a 4k image on to 1080p display. Why doesn't the GH4 alias then? Like, at all? It's scaling too, so why no aliasing? 

  5. But on a 720 display. So presumably it's the scaling. Do we need to get a 4k display to determine where the real aliasing is and which is just scaling issues? I showed some footage to client and I was horrified by the ubiquitous aliasing, client actually said "your footage is beautiful". nonetheless, this could be a big prob in the future. 

  6. Just checked.. It kind of works, but seems a bit clunky.

    I was wondering about a remote shooting app too. I was in an unusual shoot today where I really couldn't man my nx1 , manual focusing was dicey because I only had a few brief seconds to set the shot, and the semi auto focus would've been ideal but i couldn't quite figure it out. A remote app wouldve been perfect as well. sorry to hear it's not too good.

  7. I have not experimented with half shutter yet, but you can use the touch screen to choose your focus point, even when recording. In the menu, you can set how fast or slow or rack focuses too, nice touch.

    ​I played around with that and it's extremely cool. I find it super hard though to actually implement such capabilities into my shooting style because I am so locked in to manual focus in video mode. I am essentially terrified of giving up any sovereignty to the software. That's how Skynet got started after all. 


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