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    SteveOakley reacted to zerocool22 in Panasonic S1 V-LOG -- New image quality king of the hill   
    I said imo. There are no face close ups in theses shots, so I cannot compare. But the logs and leaves are already too detailed for my taste. It makes it look far more video'y then cinematic. But then again in my opinion :))) 
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    SteveOakley got a reaction from Andrew Reid in Clearing up the utter bull**** in this Tony Northup Panasonic S1 video   
    Tony is a poser. total lack of real technical knowledge but a big pile of BS. I watched maybe 2 of his vids and never again, especially so when he did a review on the sigma 120-300 and they had no clue what they were talking about or doing. it was painful. so just ignore the guy...
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