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    johnnymossville got a reaction from Rudolf in Short film shot with Iscorama 36   
    That was great.  The emotion on the Walrus's face were spot on.   Beautifully done.
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    johnnymossville reacted to Julian in panasonic g7   
    Where's the frontpage article?
    Revolutionary camera imo, for the budget shooter. The GH2 of 2015
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    johnnymossville reacted to Cinegain in 5D IV vs A7S II   
    I don't think a camera out of the mirrorless system works for video anymore. That's obviously though, my own philosophy. I just don't know what to do without an EVF anymore. An OVF feels like a step back. Especially if you don't want to use a loupe and being a hybrid shooter that relies heavily on a good liveview experience as well.
    Then I also don't think Canon is very forward thinking. They will have to rely on their brand awareness and people wanting to stick to their native selection of L-glass and willing to take hits in the form of compromises without questioning it. They might have the some of the latest Canon implementations donated by previous models, such as the 5DmkIII, 1DC, 7DmkII and XC10 like Ebrahim speculates, which would be nice. However, it's still Canon. I think you can forget that A7S lowlight performance. You won't get any high speed shooting done with this either. In fact, you won't have a lot of bells & whistles which is standard for most mirrorless cameras. Then they want to keep people from buying something like that rather than a Cxx-something camera, so they'll find a way to really cripple it, I'm sure of it. Yet it has 4K, so it has to come in at atleast 4K USD as well. Makes sense, right?
    People can hate on the GH4 and new G7 all they want. But it does do an incredible job for the price. EVF, Vari-angle touch display, internal 4K, flexible mount system with focus peaking and everything. Those are really key selling points to me. Yeah, sure, I would've liked better lowlight performance, but I'd be happy enough if in the near future they would work towards a fairly clean ISO6400 and amazing ISO3200, as I don't really finding myself having the need for ISO400000 or the likes. It's harder to get a really shallow depth of field. Well, a lens turbo and a fast lens at a carefully picked focal length helps already. Wouldn't it be great if the next GH was the next BMPCC doing RAW? Well, yeah, but a good codec, bitrate and LOG profile would come a long way already. Personally am hoping for great things from the GX8... I would have something that size and those features, most notably so, sensor stabilization during video recording would be amazing! Perhaps not even at 4K. I was really excited when the press release of the E-M5II came about, had already put up an pre-order, just to regret that after noticing the shortcomings. The concept was nice, I feel like now it's up to Panasonic to do it right. I would love something that I can put to good use for both photography and videography and that can be used either in an elaborate set-up, or very compact and minimalistic with nothing more than a tinie tiny lens.
    You might not like the color coming out of the Panasonics, but you must've seen some footage you later found out came out of an GH4 that you quite liked that proves that in some skilled hands it is capable of great things. Which actually goes for any camera. If you're only getting junk, you might just got your process all wrong. And if you never even gave it a go, just judging on bias... well, give it a try. You might spend a little longer on color, but then perhaps you find yourself suddenly noticing the 5DmkIII footage looking out of focus the whole time. But it's also a question of: do you have that kind of time and patience/skill to do so? Do you, in the end, still prefer the look of one camera over the other either it being color science, softness or 'motion cadence'? What are you willing to spend? And so on. Different preferences, tastes, uses and budgets lead to different answers. In the end you just gotta do what feels right by you.
    Personally. An A7SII with built-in stabilization, internal 4K and articulated screen would be damn tempting. The fullframe magic, shallow depth of field, just bokehlicious, the lowlight performance!! But you know, I'm kinda married to the M43 system... and fullframe glass, especially if you want some native mount electronic lenses for hybrid shooting, would be quite the investment and added bulk. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't go 5DIV in the end either. I have no Canon glass whatsoever and not looking into buying some either. And as said before, not the biggest fan of OVFs. I do like the image out of the D5300, but for hybrid shooting the OVF/Liveview kinda ruins it for me. For me the future is in the feature packed mirrorless cameras like the GH4, NX1 and the A6000. With sensor stabilization needing to be the next big thing to win me over. So many primes and third party lenses, with third party adapters that would instantly become crazy useful handheld. It's a matter of time... until then, there's lots of gear to enjoy shooting with already!
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    johnnymossville reacted to ricardo_sousa11 in Canon XC10 4K camcorder   
    ​The GH4 is one of the best video cameras around (for the price of course), you may have been just unlucky with the footage you got. The 5D2/3 videowise dont go anywhere close the GH4, let alone the NX1, and this camera doesnt seem to get close to neither.
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    johnnymossville reacted to Inazuma in Kipon Canon EF lens adapter for Micro Four Thirds shows insanely impressive AF performance   
    I asked in the YouTube comments whether or not they plan to make a speed booster version and they said yes
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    johnnymossville reacted to William Koehler in Canon struck raw, EVF and brighter zoom from XC10 “for cost reasons”   
    ​To be fair, most of the cameras sitting at the edge of convergence between stills and video have a limit on the clip length.  For most it is under 30 minutes.  The number that go past that can be counted on one hand. Of course for a camera that is being marketed for video at this price level, even the dinosaurs at Canon realized they had to do better.
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    johnnymossville reacted to Stab in Which mirrorless cameras have the best battery life?   
    I shoot weddings with the GH3 and most weddings I only have to swap out the battery once! I'm talking about 10-14 hour working days here with the camera being turned on most of the time. It's amazing.
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    johnnymossville reacted to IronFilm in Someone gives you £12.5k ($18,800) to buy filming equipment. What would you do?   
    ​Yup, that is why I am consider the JVC GY-LS300, because low end corporate is exactly what I'm aiming to target. 
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    johnnymossville reacted to AaronChicago in FS7 + GH4   
    ​So which is GH4?
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    johnnymossville reacted to matthewcelia in Gear Upgrade: Buy Canon 70D or more lenses for t3i?   
    Lenses hands down. Even getting a couple of Rokinon primes VASTLY improved the picture I got out of my T3i. Pretty incredible really. For picture profiles, I also used Vision Color with their LUTS and found the result to be very cinematic.
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    johnnymossville reacted to mercer in Another Use for the GH4's Anamorphic Mode (16mm lenses)   
    That does look nice. I am about 2-3 months away from getting a new camera. I have been eyeballing the fz1000 for run and gun reasons, but after seeing this footage, maybe the gh4 is the way to go. I have a couple vintage cosmicar c mounts that may go perfectly in anamorphic mode. 
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    johnnymossville reacted to GEORGE in Canon struck raw, EVF and brighter zoom from XC10 “for cost reasons”   
    This would be a great present to my 10 yrld neice... Actually she would prob laugh at me and return it for  a Panasonic fz1000 and a Mac....
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    johnnymossville reacted to William Koehler in Canon struck raw, EVF and brighter zoom from XC10 “for cost reasons”   
    The one thing the XC10 has got is record until the card is full.
    Having said that Sony could easily take this cameras sales by taking the RX10 and:
    1. Enable 4K recording, just like the AX100
    2. Remove the clip length limit
    3. Sony could even give the price a healthy bump from $999 and most would still be happy.
    As it is, many will head to one of Panasonics u4/3rds offerings, methinks.
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    johnnymossville got a reaction from noone in Kipon EF/M43 Adapter - Let the clone wars begin   
    as far as I know, metabones doesn't offer AF,  and this isn't a speedbooster.
    I'm very interested in this if it works.  
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    johnnymossville got a reaction from sudopera in Panasonic GH4 firmware update V2.2 due to be released April 22nd   
    Now I'm really envious of you guys with anamorphic lenses.  Good luck and post videos!
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    johnnymossville reacted to Stefan Antonescu in Panasonic GH4 firmware update V2.2 due to be released April 22nd   
    This is awesome ! Way to go Panasonic !
    The GH4 just became a 5.7K camera over night, as you can get a 5760 x 2400 image with 2.40 aspect ratio !
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    johnnymossville reacted to Zak Forsman in Panasonic GH4 firmware update V2.2 due to be released April 22nd   
    this is so much fun. driving my wife crazy. she's trying to watch the untouchables on hbo go while I frame her up in various CUs.
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    johnnymossville got a reaction from IronFilm in Canon EOS M3 Review - new sensor, new video quality?   
    I just took another look at the video. The GH2 actually still looks quite good in this test, and the colors are pleasing to my eye as well. 
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    johnnymossville got a reaction from IronFilm in Canon EOS M3 Review - new sensor, new video quality?   
    I'd go for the LX100 over the M3 in a heartbeat.    That said, the M3 looks better than the 70D and 7D so at least there's progress on the Canon front. 
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    johnnymossville reacted to AaronChicago in Anamorphic Newbie   
    Question to you anamorphic pros here:
    What would be a nice/inexpensive starting point with an anamorphic lens? I own nikon mounts and GH4. I'm really wanting to try out the new anamorphic mode when the firmware is released.
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    johnnymossville reacted to The Chris in Canon EOS M3 Review - new sensor, new video quality?   
    Interesting seeing the results from the LX100. Rumors are flying that Sony has a LX100 competitor coming this week as a RX100 refresh. Panasonic really nailed that one as its without peers. Wish it had a mic jack.
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    johnnymossville got a reaction from Orangenz in Panasonic GH4 firmware update V2.2 due to be released April 22nd   
    @‌Astro   That music video is excellent,  beautifully shot, directed and acted, and the song is super catchy as well.
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    johnnymossville reacted to JazzBox in Panasonic GH4 firmware update V2.2 due to be released April 22nd   
    ​Exactly Astro!
    The more the time pass, the more I do love technical limitations, because they force me to be more creative!

    The video you posted is incredible, but of course someone will find it not "cinematic" because was shot on GH4

    I love "IDA" the great B&W movie that was out some months ago: it was filmed in 4/3 with an Alexa I think, lots of grain, no movements... and it's more then cinematic! It's an AWESOME movie! One of the best I saw in the last months! 
    We have all the technical possibilities to shoot with quality: we "just" need to be creative. And you can't wait better camera for that
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    johnnymossville reacted to Astro in Panasonic GH4 firmware update V2.2 due to be released April 22nd   
    Agreed, I get a little suspicious when people rant about specs too much, it is a bit like guitars...when someone says such and such a guitar is sooo much better because of this reason or that, the first thing I want to do is hear them play. As Steve Vai once said...when people get too caught up in I use this amp, with this vintage valve mic, thru to such and such a pre amp and then to tape...yada yada...well you grow old that way LOL!!
    Obviously there is a difference between say a great guitar and a shit one, but that difference is not that great (as some make out) between say an NX1 vs GH4 vs C100 or C300 or whatever from Canon..or even a Red, perhaps even the "GOD" Alexa!
    So if anyone says the GH4 footage is just "OK" thats fine, but perhaps show something you have shot that is miles better, that anyone could see..(without pixel peeping) otherwise its just words.
    Take this footage for example https://vimeo.com/125389854   this could have been shot on an Alexa or anything else, its great!!
    However if you think it shows the failings​ and limitations of the GH4, thats fine...but then post something "you have done" that is noticeably better that anyone can see....its easy to quote specs on a forum (and yes specs are important...to a degree) but the reality is, the GH4 (even without V-Log) can produce an amazing image in the right hands.
    Buying an NX2 or a GH5 is not going to make your work "miles" better, it will simply give you more options thats all.
    How do I know? Well I operate a 20 core Xeon E5-2680 v2 CPU and a ton of VST plug ins, libraries of sounds, and a couple of very versatile DAW's..and a lot of mastering plugs and hardware.
    You know what? I cant make better music on this than I did 5 or so years ago on a quad core with far less,the reality is I am limited by my imagination and skills...its the law of diminished returns, go back 20 years...yes there is a difference, go back 5 years...not so much.                                                
    The GH4 vs the NX1 vs Canon or others ..even less so.
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