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    Video Hummus

    Panasonic GH6 rumours

    The competition in 2020 is finally caught up to the 2017 GH5.
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    Zak Forsman

    Kinefinity price drops

    No, I own a Z-Cam F6 and have since november. It has had ProRes from the beginning.
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    Just put this video out about filming as many scenes as you can in one location and the reasons why you would want to do that. Let me know if you have any questions or comments!
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    Yes I will find some and upload soon for you to take a look at The RAWs are a lot more... erm... 'raw' Noisier and without the advanced corrections, oversampling and multi-frame exposure Still great for colour post processing and being able to grade a DNG right there in the phone (Snapseed does it amongst others) is cool Next step up in sensor tech and IQ from P30 Pro
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    Favorite lenses FD 24 1.4L

    your talking about the 50mm 1.2L piqued my interest i remember a guy using a fd 50mm 1.2L for wedding photos he uses the flare to surround the couple, looks quite nice to me i had to check and it seems like the 50mm 1.2L is the way to go. He also likes the 50mm Summilux ASPH which is well out of my price range. I may well have come up with another reason for the a low light beast going to do some tests tomorrow. If i can get close to what i want to do i'll have two reasons to start saving by the way whats the filter size on the 50mm 12L ?... thanks https://www.slrlounge.com/real-lens-flare-right-way/
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    Of course but we are reaching a point of diminishing returns. We've had 10 bit 422 for a while now(GH5), we've had great low light (A7S), we've had RAW(Pocket camera) but nothing has combined all of them together. Sigma has come close, the S1H comes close, the Pocket 4k/6k come close. They are all missing on of the ingredients.
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    Panasonic GH6 rumours

    Time for Panasonic to give us a GH6 in 2020 from 2023! 😉
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    It's not a question about powering just screen but powering balance in system as whole. And it's hard for me to see why it is question addressed to camera maker that made still one and first breakthrough to 5 inch screen in comparative cameras world. OLEDs are much more sensitive to heat (here from inside camera processes), especially regarding more pronounced danger of burn-in images. Really, why BM engineers didn't use respectively the most expensive and more vulnerable screen technology two years ago, found a place for NFP 9900 battery, why they didn't consider electronic viewfinder, hinge-on screen and find at the same time way how to protect themselves not to be criticized why body is not more boxy? Maybe answer is that they just wanted to keep price at 1300$ P4K level with 60p 4k RAW, USB disk writing, full HD 5 inch extremely sensitive-accurate screen, slot for CFAST card, invention of n in house brilliant codec, give free Resolve, free firmware anamorphic updates, with well founded strategic idea to sell bigger quantity for lowest possible comparative profit margin - and not to fulfill all our dreams?
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    Camera owning plans 2020

    I need that EF mount adapter now!
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    Kinefinity price drops

    https://www.newsshooter.com/2020/02/14/kinefinity-slashes-the-prices-of-the-terra-4k-mavo-mavo-lf/ Mavo LF drops to 8k$, thats a 4K drop. Lets see what Zcam will do now with the F6. 2020 is going to be the best camera purchase year in a very long time
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    I finally tested SlimRaw (trial version) with Wine and Debian 10, and it works like a charm!
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    https://www.filmaker.cn/thread-113294-1-1.html?fbclid=IwAR09XfPp7o4Fygmqqp5ba5TPBoSmkg6JFnYkTkObvb5scDXHaHYSEXcxb8U teardown of the fp. And the screen can flip. 😁
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    Favorite lenses FD 24 1.4L

    I've read that article before and if you like flares, I know why you posted it. He has some beautiful examples. In his article, he seems to be using the EF version of the 50mm 1.2 L. I have the FD version. I haven't tested it for flares, but now I'm gonna. The filter thread on the FD 50mm 1.2 L is 52mm. I think the EF version might be 72mm, but that's just a guess from memory. Helios 58mm f/2 is kinda the King of Flares, so that may be another good lens for you.
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    8K vs 4K sample: Mere teaser or really shot on Mi 10 Pro? (source: Sparrows News YT channel) https://sparrowsnews.com/2020/02/14/xiaomi-mi-10-pro-review Seems a game changer to my radar.
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    Who displays the same image on their camera screen for 36 weeks? And on which battery?! I am sure the screen changes enough... Just going into the menus once in a while clears and then changes the onscreen icons. There is also a pixel shift method to stop OLED burn in.
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    Vazen 40mm T2 1.8X anamorphic lens

    Now as well in 28mm more compact flava (reminds me of Veydra Mini Primes): https://www.cinema5d.com/vazen-28mm-t22-18x-anamorphic-lens-launched/ https://vzlens.com/product/vz28/
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    Cool, I checked last night but couldn’t find the feature.. only later to realize my video clips were FHD! (I rarely shoot 4K on EOS R because of the crop). D’Oh!
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    Lenses - Sticky Topic

    The Petzval or the VLEV HELIOS? 😛 Getting the Petzval in brass black and the IGA VLEV HELIOS in black without any optic mods in metric PL mount with their PL to EF adapter (I do like the look of the white one, but there's a reason most lenses are black, want to keep reflections to a minimum). Did go with the 16 bladed aperture mod (which I didn't notice was an option until I saw the Stormtrooper's listing and went over its specifics, so 8, 13 or 16; luckily my order was delayed, there were some production improvements made). I do realize my new year's resolution was to refrain from purchases, but I'm a lens nut, like an alcoholic saying 'ok, now this will really be my last drink'. Also excited for the Sirui anamorphic to start shipping. And all of these were backed with vast discounts, so not like it's thrown away money, they aren't Handevision Ibelux or Meyer Optik Görlitz hipster mark up value bubble lenses, they actually sell for what they're about worth and should retain their value quite well.
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    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    I have considered your reply for awhile now and i dont consider my comment as overly sexist, merely more of a play on the facts. If it had of been a bloke standing there behind the camera i would have come up with another comment regardless. If you want to see sexism at work i suggest you go immerse yourself, in the girls on film thread. Now there a chance to have a real argument against sexism.
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    Attila Bakos

    I WILL be getting a Fuji X-T3!

    Try exiftool. I believe that there's a FilmMode tag that has the info you need.
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    It shoots semi-LOG! Good for all those Instagram filters. Mate 30 Pro... 40 Megapixel quad bayer sensor... How do you think ISO 1600 looks with all those megapixels on a phone? Well, quite good actually 🤯 Pixel peep it full screen - Where is the traditional smudgy noise reduction?! The fine detail is intact and I don't know how they achieve this. You guys are going to wish your President hadn't banned it
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    That’s 25% of their profit gone!
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    Poor Olympus E M1 Mark III video specs

    Lx100 with flippy screen and great AF would make an awesome travel video/vlog camera. Dont know why they held back!
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    Just for fun Other than that, as I said earlier, I expect some sort of crippling/strong limitation on 8K in this small body. The real decision maker will be the 4K specs (crop, codec, IQ, etc.). And hopefully something below $4k...The 1Dx3 is nice and all that but that's a $6K brick with fixed screen. Not very user/gimbal friendly.
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    How to film non/inexperienced actors

    Thanks! It unfortunately won't be out for a while... we are going to put it in the festival circuit first. I'll post it here when it is out though. Just posted our episode 3 of the BTS for that shoot
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    Fuji X-T4

    I don’t mind which way they do it but would prefer it in the XH1 body given the choice. Just under 2 weeks and all will be revealed...
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    Or Canon DX III for 7000$ camera. Or Pocket 4k for 1200$ . Or next cinema beast Canon R5 for how much? Well...
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    As far as is written Apple promised that mighty iPhone 11 will have 625 nit screen. Actually, BM screen is around the same max nit value. Anything less than 1000 is unusable on sunny day. Also common sense type 2 may say that 5 inch screen on hinge doesn't allow enough comfortable (or not at all) usage of HDMI, audio, usb, power connectors - it obviously could be made, but for the price that some other type of usage must be severely sacrificed. Of course, having suggest potential arguments of common sense type 2, I'll also wish that screen has 1000 nit. But it seems to me that BM treat screen as not too important bonus addition. Iтt could really be matter of preferences - wouldn't it be actually better if there's not any screen, and instead of it just box as Z-cam: even without it, price is 800e different. They choose to put screen, as step toward casual and travel shooter, or shooting on tripod in interiors - they might choose also to cut screen for easier rigging and gimbal usage, but it might be solution for new addition to Micro-type line. At any case, if there are obvious logic argument for any side of proposed solution, I simply can't call any as lack of common sense.
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    I've spent weeks wracking my brain on how Matt Granger made it to 661,000 subscribers And I just can't possibly figure it out. But it has happened and Matt is one of THE authorities on cameras. Although sometimes he gets confused about the concept of a mirrorless camera. "It shoots up to approximately 20fps with the mirror up" THIS explains everything, including why I always had problems with that imaginary mirror in my GH5, it always seems to stay up out of the way and never make that satisfying flippy flippy sound. Then it REALLY got me fhinking... why is it called a mirrorless? The world is a really weird place, very confusing. So I often turn to YouTube for the sheer quality of talent on there and the expertise to enlighten me in dark times... With the gift of knowledge. In fact I envy the man. He is one of the biggest and best commentators along with the Northrup's and their whiteboard. Who can say they don't deserve it.... The 5 minutes he spends quibbling over the difference between 19.1fps and 20fps is pure entertainment. I have subscribed and smashed the notifications button.
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    It could be much more than 40$ - something about much more power needed for such monitor that make out of balance in total for all components. I escaped of buying 2200 nit monitor because of very high consuming power vs other of 1000 nit. It could change whole circuit concept started for cooling, distributing power for other tasks etc. At least we can see how great it might be 5 inch monitor, it seems that others still don't think at all about it in their bombastic announcing. And not strangely, first who may give us step further in that direction, is again from m43 camp, i. e. Sharp. I'm pretty sure that BM unique philosophy exactly is not to cripple anything - but, contrary, being in constant rush to be the first to give everything they at the moment have in operative disposal.
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    A7s mki in 2020

    Is there a way to fix the alien colors?
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    There is no such thing as peak camera!

    I'm amazed people are analyzing the details of my wording so carefully! Ha Getting into the nitty gritty of arguing You are right People used to be very hyped about the release of each new DSLR, as it meant such a huge leap forward for them. Like we are when the GH3 to GH4, then the GH5 etc (hopefully soon GH6!) came along. As each step along the way was a BIG LEAP, made a big difference even for very casual users. Those big leap forwards stopped a few years ago for casual stills photographers. Yes, each new release is still an improvement, but no longer are they BIG step forwards. Plenty of 5Dmk3 (heck, even mk2) owners were happy to stay put rather than "upgrade" to a 5Dmk4 You can look at other tiers of cameras, from other brands too, say a semi pro APS-C from Nikon: look at the improvements (ignoring video) from D7100 to D7200 to D7500? Not anything that makes the casual photographer say they MUST upgrade Yet in video, almost any brand (even those who are dragging their feet, such as Canon, or who were totally AWOL initially such as Fuji, or who started then stopped only to start again such as Nikon) if you look at them over three whole generations of cameras it is easy for even a casual consumer to see reasons why they might say to themselves I must upgrade. What videographers don't very very much so want to go from a X-T1 to a X-T3? Or a GH3 to a GH5? D7100 to a D7500? Or a 5Dmk2 to a 5Dmk4? Yet there are shockingly many people who are just casual photographers and would feel "meh" about that upgrade (X-T1 > X-T3, D7100 > D7500, etc). Yes, they'd like that upgrade if it you gave it to them, but they won't spend their hard cold cash on it.
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    Panasonic GH6 rumours

    Could we really have 3 new cameras this year, all with flippy screens? This is the Jetsons future I imagined.
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    I too started with the GH1. Then GH2, then GH4, then GH4R, then GH5. Back then these where cutting edge cameras and the people who used them back in the days have evolved and learned to get better at their craft too.
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    How about Panasonic getting some better AF capabilities? They need that more than 8k...
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    They need to fix that exposure bug, urgently.
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    Poor Olympus E M1 Mark III video specs

    It would be so nice if they could make some joint venture or so deal with Blackmagic. At least they share for the moment some influential ambassadors. It seems as that, for some reason, they are not allowed to put at least one 10bit (24p) recording option. Having IBIS that now reach gimbal level but with more natural movement, being best waterproof in a whole with lenses (plus not so extremely expensive underwater adds) , Olympus could be very special and unique tool for indie's just with base 10bit solution.
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    i'm gonna upgrade to it from my em1 mkii for that joy stick lol. i love the camera. its just a good tool that i enjoy...especially for family photos and videos. HOWEVER... i am SOOO dissapointed here. Was hoping to at least see 4k 60fps!!! idk whats going on. so stupid. nobody will buy this except olympus enthusiasts. it should really be called the EM1 mk2.5
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    Nikon Z RAW video support

    Also no one even talks about the use of “HDR Tools” which needs to be placed at the top level of the effects stack. It is necessary to correctly tone map the highlights of perceptually quantized footage that describes BT2020 PQ. F-stoppers and Wolfcrow and many others are describing Pro Res RAW workflows that are not correct for producing proper HDR such as Dolby Vision using the Z6 camera.
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    seriously guys, this is like a conspiracy theory sequel, you guys just need to sign julia and mel 😉 from the photos, seems like someone got a lemon and understandably h'e'd be upset. Most of us would be upset too. Sadly life is not a box of chocolates, not all the time anyway. This is precisely why i bought new, so that i would be covered under warranty, that way, i was covered if anything did go pear shaped. Really i cant say how many units bm have shipped around the world however i'd expect a very small percentage to have issues whether thats manufacturing, transit or something else. but the same could be said for any company. I think the facts bear this out we haven't seem a mass recall of p4k's or p6k's. Certainly some people for whatever unexplicable reason got a defective unit. Sadly in this day and age after about 5 minutes to resolve the issue ( no pun intended ) its all dumped on the internet for the consumption of the whole world. Which seems like to me at least more of an attempt to vilify rather than resolve an issue. I cant see how airing dirty laundry in the forum is productive at any level, bmd is not the empire striking back 🙄 it seems extremely optimistic that someone would buy a new model of camera then take it on a professional shoot days later. Nobody buys a rocket, lights that thing off and expects it to make it to the moon and back the first time 🙄 any piece of equipment needs a suitable time of testing and proving, regardless of what it does. If your doing something special with something brand new and said equipment fails, well i think you only have your self to blame. I'm all for whistle blowers, their the last bastion against wrongdoing, be that at government or corporate level. But if two individuals having a bad day they but heads, its going to get messy real fast regardless of it being corporate or football, add a bit of pride and the situation is generally unrecoverable. Ultimately rightly or wrongly its the boss who pays the cheque so he gets the last say. Not sure we need a royal inquisition to sort everything out all of the time. Unless you could prove bmd are using a child labour slave force i don't think its any of our business. what goes on. mercer i cant say i agree with you about bm cutting corners. I haven't owned any earlier bmd cameras. For me i can hold the p4k in one hand and a canon and a number of older but still usable still cameras in the other. it looks and feels like any of the other plastic housed cameras that i own, it seems solid enough after 8 months or so it hasn't fallen apart, the pcb hasn't fallen out neither has the battery door been an issue. sure it would be nice to say that the frame was magnesium and all that crap but that may have put it out of my range perhaps. Personally i cared abit about the image, there was enough evidence from previous bmd cameras for me to justify lashing out on a new p4k. I figure bmd is australian, i'm australian, i should be a little bit patriotic.🏳️ with a p4k i should future proof myself for little while. Anyone that denigrates the original image from the pocket has to be an idiot. I suspect that some people have a need to feel special or privileged perhaps, any thing that impacts on that aura tends to get denigrated pretty quickly. There are many cinema cameras out there that give a great image, it really shouldn't matter what one chooses to work with. I chose the p4k others may opt for an arri or something else its their choice. i''m kinda blunt at times i may or may not of inadvertently trod on some toes if i have offended you thats too bad, but feel free to downvote me 😀 if i appear like a bmd fanboy so be it, btw i'll get my own box of chocolates😉
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    Geoff CB

    Cooke lenses on eBay

    Why must you do this to my wallet!
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    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    New Update for the 4k and 6k: What's new in Blackmagic Camera Setup 6.8 New features for Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K Improve camera startup time. Improved USB PTP control performance. Increase 4K 2.40:1 recording pixel height from 1712 to 1720. Fixed issue with slow mounting of media containing large number of clips. New features for Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Improve camera startup time. Improved USB PTP control performance. Fixed issue with slow mounting of media containing large number of clips. Fixed issue where EF lens stabilization cannot be turned on if camera is started with lens IS turned off.
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    Plastic Fantastic

    Another one of my favorite Plastic Fantastic lenses is the Nikon Series E 50mm f/1.8. When the Series E lenses were released, Nikon was chastised for their poor build quality. But in comparison to today's lenses, they're built like tanks. About 6 months into filming my movie, life took a turn and I went through a rough patch that's really just beginning to smooth out. Unfortunately, that rough patch forced me to sell all of the lenses I was using to shoot my film. I dug deep into the gear closet and pulled out the Nikon 50mm 1.8 Series E. This is the result of that test... In some weird way, the rough patch I went through was a blessing, it forced me to look at my film in a different way and eventually led me to probably my favorite of Plastic Fantastic lenses... the Canon 28mm 1.8. I've posted plenty of shots from that lens, so I won't bore anybody with them, but that is one lens I will never sell. By lens metrics, it's not even that great of a lens, but its rendering oozes character and mood. In my opinion, it's probably my favorite lens of any lens I've ever used. Canon has a few Plastic Fantastic lenses. I would love it if Canon came out with a budget friendly cine lens lineup using these lenses' formulas in proper cinema housings.
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    Girls on film

    the stuff youre posting is softcore porn for, like, 13 year old boys fyi
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