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    I do modifications on big to medium lens, the last one modified Moller 63/2x minimum fd was 1,8m (6ft) until couple of days ago, when modified even further, haven't tested it yet. The price of modification for lens is 250-500€. Optional rehousings available. Waiting time 30-60 days. Servicing starts at 85€, waiting time 7-14 days. You pay shipping charges both ways.
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    Took my BMPC for a spin in the Salton Sea, CA.   https://vimeo.com/77268468    
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    We'll have to agree to disagree Damp. I think you're totally wrong in your estimation, consumers thrive on innovative products that are worth it. The car industry is a good example with increasing safety standards and better gas mileage, people buy new cars every few years because they feel that the newer models have compelling new features that simply weren't available a few years back.   Look at GoPro, those guys are innovating mofo's, if you owned a 1st gen GoPro, upgrading to the latest model is a very compelling proposition. The fact that years have passed and Canon cameras still can't manage to shoot 60fps at 1080p is ludicrous. On the photography end, even if resolution is not compelling to you, how about built-in wi-fi and a GPS? How about a higher quality screen that is easier to see in direct light? How about built-in support for remote operation through a smart phone? How about a freaking built-in intervallometer for chrissake?   No, you're wrong, Canon's been sitting on their lazy corporate butts for far too long and now the sales are dropping. If they begin to innovate once more and offer true reasons to buy new cameras, the sales will rise once more.
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    Just to add my 2 bit coins to the conversation:   I think if DSLR's are going out of business, Canon and Nikon have only themselves to blame. Lack of innovation and lazy development cycles has not gone unnoticed by consumers.  When the t3i, t4i and t5i are essentially the same exact camera with minor tweaks, what is the motivation to upgrade? Same could be said with the 5D2 and 3, I have too many friends with the 5D2 who don't feel any need to upgrade to the newer camera since the benefits are relatively minor all things considered. I suspect the 7D will follow the same path.   If Canon really wanted to see an upward swing in sales, they would need to be more aggressive with the technology. Imagine if 2 years ago the 5D3 had been announced touting a 36mpix sensor, built-in wi-fi, oled screen, 4K mjpeg and 2K raw and priced competitively? It would have sold like hot cakes.    Apple is running a similarly dangerous game with their new Mac Pro. $3k for a 4-core Xeon with 12gigs or RAM and no internal expandability? WTF??? Next year they will shut down their whole desktop division claiming that consumers are no longer interested in big computers...but the truth is that consumers are no longer interested in being ripped off.   When I travel, all I see are tourists with DSLR's. They see the difference in the photos they take, the depth, realism and faithfulness of the images they show their friends back home is palpably better than what current smartphones or pocket cameras are capable of. I think the interest is there, but not at a premium price for basically the same technology from two years ago. 
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    this looks heavily cc'd while its not! a great find for fans of that vintage film look. and the daughter? looks like she had fun!  :D
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    I've seen the Canon 1D C go for under £5000 on eBay at the moment.   An absolutely terrible depreciation on the used market from the launch price of double that.   It's for that reason I'm unlikely to ever invest more than £5000 in a camera... That and the fact they become obsolete after a year.   The Sony F3 for example - was £12,000... Now £4000 used! It's perfectly good... 10bit codec, lovely low light, FS100 Super35mm sensor, HD-SDI, XLR, ND, you name it.
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    http://vimeo.com/78111977     i had a go at tweeking things on the mts files from Nahua.  I'm pretty happy with the results.  I'm assuming the 24p / 25p mode will be a lot better too.  DNxHD file downloadable and description of tweeks on the vimeo page.
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    I shot this short with Magic Lantern 50D Raw, and the Bolex 8/19/1.5 anamorphot. It was a finalist in the NewfilmakersLA OnLocation film festival.   https://vimeo.com/77430368
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    I would take built in NDs over 4K any day of the week. My job consists of getting the shots of actual happenings with no chance of directing(news). You can't really stop a politician or rescue worker or whoever to screw on an ND.    If this camera takes on the "AG" video name, asking for NDs is not that unreasonable.   I can see that 4K is much better than NDs for marketing, but in my world(and I bet in yours as well) NDs has much more value. Sure the ability to reframe in post is nice, but I don't know how many in the market for this camera will deliver 4K masters...
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    Wanted to share some stills from the Trump on my D800 from yesterday morning.           Yay nice 2X oval bokeh :)
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