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    GH3 short film

    Hello Everybody,   I know Andrew is getting ready to publish his review on the GH3 so I thought I'd share with you small project I worked on with a group of friends. We basically were asked by Panasonic Middle East to create a short film to showcase the capabilities of the camera under various conditions. We even mounted the camera on my RC drone to show how a camera with this size and weight can be literally used anywhere!   I hope you like it :)     https://vimeo.com/62274504     Regards, Ihab Ali icon-ap.com
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    Hi i am wondering about buying a GH3 it will be used for landscape/nature footage but i am uncertain about how much better the GH3 dynamic range in video mode is? I know that the GH3 is superior in photo mode but how much better is it's dynamic range in video? The GH3 and a decent lens is a large investment and i want to know that there will be a big different.   I want a smooth organic image quality. I have seen alot of sample footage and yes the GH3 is much sharper and certainly superior bitrate compared to the RX100. But i am more uncertain about the dynamic range.   Would be nice if maybe someone can make a dynamic range comparison between the RX100 and the GH3. With the best possible settings on both cameras.   I own a RX100 which is certainly a great camera. The GH3 is interesting but i have not been convinced yet that it will be worth the cost.   Dynamic range is very important but i can't afford the cost of the BMC with lenses and accesories.   I would really wish for a camera of the size of the RX100 which would have the dynamic range of the BMC in it's video mode. I hope it will happen some day.   I have also been looking at the canon HF G20 and G25 cameras but am disappointed that they still are 1080i based cameras. The panasonic SD900/X900/X920 have even smaller active sensor size then the G20/G25 so they are out of the question. I have the SD600 (which is 3xcmos and 1080p 50fps) and the dynamic range certainly is limited and kills all chances of the organic quality i want to see.
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    Hi all,   We shot a short film on the new Panasonic GH3 and here is the result of the 2.5 shooting days. Would be great if you would watch it and give your opinion. I'm in the film business now for about 3 years but have worked mostly on corporate stuff. This is actually my 1st 'real' short drama film, as well as the 1st real production with the GH3.   Maybe it is interesting for you guys to see what the camera can do. Feedback is also strongly appreciated :)   The link: https://vimeo.com/59543338 (you can download the 'uncompressed' 1080p version when clicking 'download')   Cheers.
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    "Travel costs will be covered" - YES! "(Within the UK)" - F**K!
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    Nikon released a firmware update for the D600. If the crippled 95% hdmi output bothered you, that's fixed now:     http://support.nikonusa.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/18267/kw/D600/session/L3RpbWUvMTM2NDg3NzMxMS9zaWQvQTJSKndHbWw%3D    
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    Hey guys, After finally having the time to shoot and edit something with my GH3, here's the finished project! Shot this for my friend's band.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMfJANcv0Uk
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    Game changer, 5DII style.

    He is not a clown. He is extremely nice, and takes time to answer almost any question via twitter or email. Very knowledgeable.
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    Kubrick's Napoleon

    Interesting article, thanks!
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    Caleb Genheimer

    Mounting 4.5" filters

    Get a mattebox that can take them, cutting them down would be a shame, diopters especially. Some folks really struggle to get diopters big enough to get the job done without vignetting. 
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    Game changer, 5DII style.

    Maybe a really huge Philip Bloom signature sand bag that lets you shape an entire film set out of it with just a few pumps?
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    The model for the remote follow focus for a steadicam would be the intuitfocus: http://vimeo.com/9827192   There had been attempts to DIY sth. like this. I followed this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3-P1rKCEEg (but didn't finish it, I just can confirm the low prices for the parts)   Parts are cheap (~20 bucks all together). I like the whole 'rig' design in this video. Perfect for an EOS with Magic Lantern.   You must know: These cheap servo testers   > allow a rotation angle of 90°. So you can only follow part of your lenses' focal range. I.e. the Nokton 25mm rotates 270° to go from 0,17 m to ∞. But: Only about 60° cover 1m to ∞.   > will translate the position of the controller knob exactly to the motor, but there is no ease-in, ease-out, like with the zoom lever on a modern camcorder, so slow focus transitions are not possible.   There are digitally controlled servers available, but they are expensive. Ask at your modeling shop.
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    I don't know about a cheap one but there are a few USB follow focus models for Canon DSLRs that do just that for a couple hundred $.  And Garret Brown's original concepts for the Steadicam actually included a wearable eyepiece for monitoring! lol   Here is one story I just quickly found on it: http://www.icgmagazine.com/wordpress/2008/07/18/stead-as-she-goes/
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