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  2. No, it's more of a "until we can control these who spy on our citizens, then it's fine" type of thing. Which is understandable but I agree with you.
  3. Yes, sorry, I was bit exaggerating with "half". But here are some numbers (roughly) : the brand new kit z6 + ftz + 24-70 was somewhere between 2800/3000€ , depending on the shop, at the beginning of December. 5 months later, you can find it used, in "like new" condition, for below 2000€ (but mostly around 2000/2100€). Plus, there is right now rebates that pull down those prices. I find it to be quite a quick fall. If I remember well, Andrew wrote in an article that he got troubles selling its Z7, even by cutting a lot the price. Anyway, it is really good for buyers 😄 !
  4. Those are routers, not phones. Most, if not all, other manufacturers do the same.
  5. I was thinking the same... Not talking about Microsoft hegemony over the pc world ahah. Just my feelings and opinion, but: given all the tentacular monster companies from the US that live on "spying", collecting data, selling them etc. (not talking about that : https://www.expressvpn.com/blog/8-ways-the-nsa-spies-on-you/ plus, should we talk about Snowden ? ) and all the disastrous implications for the future... seeing all this mess as a government action to protect consumers and security, is, to me , as surprising as buying trump's idea that by massively arming people it would prevent mass murdering...
  6. Alas, it seems to me not so "totally" fine... if you, as authoritative expert, claim that same people "mistake the artefacts of the DNG debayer as sharpness. Its not that the cDNG debayer is necessarily keeping more details, but it IS creating false detail". Maybe because of my missing language subtleness, but I don't quite understand what does mean phrase "not necessarily..." in given case... Does cDNG debayer keeps more details or not, or it does keep sometimes and sometimes not, does it always - as "IS" suggests - creates false detail, does Braw corrects that creating of false detail?
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  8. This certainly had to do with pressure from Apple, Snapdragon and a host of other American IT Companies whose profits are plummeting, and whose future looks bleak, thanks to Chinese companies who have dethroned hundreds of those. Snapdragon can openly abuse monopoly and laws in the US, but the same is not possible all over the world. And accusing Huawei of espionage is hilarious. Google and Facebook and all major silicon valley companies are spying on you 24x7. They probably know more about you than you would. I have been wanting more Operating System Platforms than iOS and Android for the longest, and users should have the ability to choose which operating system to have on their smartphones, and not be locked into one for life (of the device, much like MS and Apple). I hope Huawei, Samsung and Sony create a parallel OS, which is more refined than what Android is right now, and that smartphones start actually replacing professional cameras soon enough. Snapdragon is good, but abusing monopoly is unacceptable. Also, if HTC, Samsung (whose market dominance was attacked by attempting to false jail their CEO), Sony, Huawei, Redmi, One Plus ever start challenging iPhone ot Snapdragon or whoever else, will they suffer the same fate? Who decides what's fair and what isn't? Ideally I hope this goes to the international court of justice and Google loses billions.
  9. That is strange. I used the GH5 once, and skin tones did not look any better than on my GX85. I used 2 bmpcc4K cams once (together with the GX85), and the skin tones looked dramatically better. Both conditions indoor, on a big (classical) concert stage. Still waiting for the p4k to become available ... Luckily rental is quite cheap (but you do not get the Resolve license of course)
  10. actually there is nothing i like about it. the grading looks bad to me but the worst is what he does to the models poor face. look at it, she looks like a freak, well it is an exemple of what you can do so i hope he doesn't produces videos with faces like that. look at the image coming from the video, she looks like an alien to whom you added eyes and mouth. there are better ways to do that. it like in photoshop, you can remove everething and a lot of people tend to do that because once you started you can't stop but what's the result ? wax skin and alien look.
  11. Finally picked up one of these cameras. The menus and touch screen interface are really nice. 4k 60p output is really impressive. I am also really blown away by the sharpness. Using the P4K, really shows special the colors and skin tone out of the original bmpcc and bmmcc were. The P4K looks really nice, but doesn’t seem that far off from the GH5. I am also a bit shocked to discover they managed to release another camera with poor battery life. I used it for a day before I ordered an external battery solution. Does anyone know if the battery life is better when running CFast vs SSD?
  12. AOSP is soo much different than a company using Android with a commercial license that also licenses all of the Google apps for them. You can compile Android yourself for your personal use on any device you can make it work on, but AFAIK you can't sell it without the commercial license. As to your second point the whole thing isn't Google saying "Huawei is spying so we're closing business with them", it's Google saying "We need to comply with US law so we're closing business with them". Whether this ban is right or wrong is another question.
  13. Canon EOS Rebel T5i EF-S 18-55MM LENS DSLR Digital Camera (3 LENSES Bundle) On Ebay Price: $475.00 Canon EOS T5i Body NEW Canon 18-55mm IS II LENS 58" Pro Wide Angle Lens with Pouch 58'' Pro Telephoto lens with Pouch 58MM LENS HOOD LP-E8 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack Charger for Canon Battery Pack Eyecup Ef for Digital Rebel Cameras Body Cap for Canon EOS Cameras Wide Camera Strap Lens Cap USB Cable Camera Bag Free 16GB SandDisk Card!
  14. A while ago started to develop an app, which now can also load 3D cube LUTs, edit them, and export as cube or hald. Of course creating LUTs based on a source image/frame is the main functionality, which evolved a lot since the app first started. Android: Google version, size 1M (running on System): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kinoseed.photomatch Mozilla version, size 40+ M (with built-in GeckoView): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kinoseed.matchcolor You can use the app via any modern browser or Android device. Web: https://kinoseed.com/ If your try the google version, and the sliders don't move smoothly, it's a bug that google is still fixing, try the Mozilla version, as it works for all devices. Let me know what you think.
  15. Misinformation and propaganda have always been the tools of choice for failed/failing states. First of all, Android is "open source", and thus no one can limit access to it: https://source.android.com/ There has been no evidence of wrongdoing on the part of Huawei, but there has been plenty of evidence however of wrongdoing, on the part of the accusers: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-23123964
  16. Huawei puts backdoors in their phones. It's a poor choice to trust such a device with any valuable account information. I won't miss them. And frankly I'm glad to see that the government took action to protect consumers and security.
  17. A couple of stills resized only from the little SX410IS. I am looking for something to video with it to post frame grabs from at various points along its zoom range. Not that old but probably has a sensor a few years older (20mp CCD). A LOT more useful to me (and most people I think) than an Alexa, even for video and even though it has little control and only 720 HD.
  18. Makes sense. There's a few channels I watch where they do talking head stuff, and all the B-Roll is stock footage or graphics / animations. There are even quite a lot of channels that don't have any filming at all and you don't know what the channel owner looks like because it's all motion graphics and voice-over.
  19. For sure, if you leave it all set up, you could just walk in and press record. But for a normal film / web series / tv series / doco / etc shoot, then you really really need that extra manpower. Unless you're going to keep it ultra ultra simple. But even that B roll stuff you'll find tough to get with an ARRI Alexa by yourself, unless you're sticking with fairly simple stuff (like just in the studio with no movement, or only limited movement), and/or using a 2nd camera for B roll.
  20. Could be for Sony's new wireless? All their older cameras would need an update for this! (but if this was true, I'd have expected Sony to explicitly mention this in the firmware update as a new feature)
  21. Just curious (I'm not in the market for this) but do you need a crew to just shoot with it, or is the crew really to setup & teardown? The reason I ask is that there's a bunch of YouTubers who make shows from a home studio setup where the camera, lighting, sound, and set don't move, and it's just about workflow efficiency and content. We're talking completely predictable exposure, WB, focus, and infinite power via wall outlets, etc. I know lots of those shows have multiple angles and that kind of stuff, but if you run a talking-head style channel with one angle and b-roll, maybe these old cinema classics will find home studios in suburbia to age gracefully in
  22. Gah, why does it have to be shaky handheld footage?
  23. Sadly $5K in 2020 is definitely not going to come true 😞
  24. We had a similar discussion back in 2017 when it was noticed just how cheap as chips an ARRI ALEXA Classic is getting: So they've been "affordable" for a while now. I work on lots of shoots using ARRI cameras (I'm the sound recordist for a series right now which is being shot on an AMIRA, with a BMPCC4K for some occasional specialist B cam shots). And yeah, you really need to have at least a small crew behind you if you want to shoot on an ARRI. Lots more Minis for sale in recent weeks compared to last year, now that ARRI has confirmed a Mini S35 4K will be coming in 2020. Folks need to get rid of their Mini before then! 😉 Depends entirely on a persons connections as to what kind of network they have of people who'd hire it from them directly vs via a full service rental house. As the owner of a popular site like EOSHD you could probably do better at getting rentals than most, however on the flip side people would need to be local to rent from you, which is a much smaller part of your total audience. (unfortunately a contributor like myself from way out in New Zealand will never be renting an ARRI to get it shipped from the UK to NZ and then back again!) I'd like to see a 2019 review of the GH1 as well! Skip the C100, the C300 is only a little extra cost and offers much more! Yes, in terms of a more "practical" camera then EVA1 / FS7 / UMP / RED DSMC1 / Kinefinity Terra / etc will all be much much more usable in that general price range. Just because they're lighter / faster / power efficient. (relatively speaking) And over the course of a long day of shooting then the more "practical" camera can give you better looking results than one you have to constantly fight against.
  25. Square ish is better than longer if you want to put it on a gimbal, or even rig it up in general.
  26. For context: this is a web series. Everything is only implied! You don't see anything below the waist.
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