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  2. Apart from Juan (whom I really look up to), there is also Avery Peck, who recently said he would regularly upload videos and, so far, has kept the promise. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSyHJ48k9OQUQjQFimxYf9g
  3. Don't expect sharp corners. Or middles while we are on the subject...
  4. Yeah for a cheap ass camera and rig it is pretty amazing. It took them years to do according to their Facebook page, but I don't think much of it was due to the camera. Just stuff when you are trying to do a zero budget film with friends, and limited gear, and not much time more than anything. Kind of a Mercer type film LoL. 😜
  5. Smallrig is making a purpose-built holder for power banks: https://www.smallrig.com/smallrig-holder-for-portable-power-banks-bub2336.html If you replace your monitor with Swit CM-55C, you can power it via micro USB.
  6. This is what a OG BMPCC Can, and does look like. Now granted it is wasn't done by just Bob down the street. But you can see what it is capable of. And it isn't all crushed Blacks and noise. Bottom picture was their rig. Mercer sent me the link to the film. From their Facebook page. "Our main camera throughout the shoot has been a BMPCC, with a range of C-Mount and M43 lenses (and one enormous M42 - the Pentacon 300). That camera has been powered by an Anker Pro 2 (with a modified cable, to fit the tiny input on the BMPCC). The Anker is mounted to the rig via a 90 degree metal plate from B&Q, some 15mm plumbers clamps, and some velcro tape. We've had a bog-standard manfrotto tripod throughout, a cheap rails/plate set from India (Cine City on Ebay I think..?) and a cheap camtree cage. On the front we've got a Fotga mattebox (with barn doors and a swing-out front - invaluable), a set of Tiffen NDs (kindly donated), and a Hoya 82mm Polariser screwed in to a filter tray and left in one of the slots for the duration of the shoot."
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  8. The following may be of use to some and is as follows... I purchased an Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD which I have attached to the XT3 via a smallrig clamp and cage plus using a Rode mini and a Feelworld monitor all sitting on a Sirui frestanding monopod. Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 or Canon 50mm f1.8 via Fringer Pro for lenses. The Rode mini will be replaced for the new Rode Wireless Go as soon as in stock as that seems like a no-brainer to me, but I digress... Anyway, ran a power consumption test today ahead of my up and coming wedding season and after 4.5 hours continual running time (but not actually recording), can report the internal battery was indicating it still had 80% charge and the battery pack also 80% charge. I'd expect this to be higher if actually recording and the body possibly slightly warmer than it's slightly warm state, but bodes well. Pity I can't also charge the monitor, but it's actually fairly low consumption and I have 5 batteries for it anyway.
  9. This place sells them, but they are not giving them away lol. http://www.mosaicengineering.com/
  10. And here's a grab from that clip (handheld shot! : -)
  11. According to the technical info: <<The clips were recorded at 1488x1900 pixels and were resized to 4464x1900 using lanczos algorithm. Grading is done in MLVApp only. No LUT was used. Gear: Canon EOS M Viltrox Speedbooster EF 16-35mm 2.8 USM L II Variable ND filter Cullmann Nanomax 290 Monopod>> Here's another 5K anamorphic mode test from one of Danne's builds: Impressive definition from such hack UHD trick...
  12. Yeah if you think just crushing the blacks and adding noise mimics a OG BMPCC, and think clean as a whistle is a Cine look to strive for, well... Better off with a C100 if you want a clean look. You don't have to buy any add on extra stuff for them. Just Grab and Go. Shoot for hours with one battery, and one cheap ass SD card. Really don't even need to grade it if you get the exposure right in camera. But I guess everyone has a different idea what good or bad is, so maybe you really like that look. And yeah I guess at times even a Arri crushes the blacks, especially night shots. But no camera for as cheap as a OG is, can produce a better looking output If you want a Cine look. Now it is not going to produce a clean look like the PK4, C100 can, and probably most of the time you want that clean look, especially in this day and age. So the OG is not going to be a good choice for that. So I guess the PK4 is a good compromise for both a modern look, and the ability to sort of look like the older one with skill. But that is the key, skill for any of the cameras. But some are just a lot easier to Look like you have skill lol. The new Fuji XT-3 comes to mind, the old C100, etc. The OG was not a point and shoot by a long shot. There is a lot more bad looking footage from them on the web than great looking footage.
  13. No! Oat milk (www.oatly.com) Possibly a poor man’s almond milk...
  14. That’s pretty much my point. People use cameras with IBIS for all sorts of stuff, as they do “cinema” or video cameras. A proper video camera with IBIS would be awesome.
  15. Before a couple of weeks ago, the last time I had seen The Specials play live was in 1981 and during that gig I was swigging copiously from a smuggled in bottle of Pernod. During this one, I was tutting because the venue did not have almond milk for my coffee. My transition from Rude Boy to Middle Class Boy might have taken nearly 40 years but it is surely now complete.
  16. im not proud that im asking this but........ do you mean goat milk? or oat milk? they both sound pretty shady to me 😂
  17. it is not so much about the taste, i have my own, than the technique here that i am intereted in juan melara has 7 tuts but hasn't posted for 7 monthes... so i guess i wouldn't count on him
  18. But the original price isn't what people are paying these days. Tech always devalues, otherwise people who are talking about laptop computers would be comparing them to the original computers with valves in them that took up entire floors of buildings and cost millions of dollars in money from back then, which is obviously a stupid comparison because the tech has advanced and gotten cheaper.
  19. My uncle was a dairy farmer in Victoria for the majority of his working life, and yeah, it's not a game to get rich in. At the end he was rearing calves for meat, and doing various other things to supplement the farms income, but from a milk perspective he just didn't own enough land any more because the price of milk was making his income go down down down....
  20. If only that was true! I had a brief look, but didn't have time to go through all of them. My first impression though, was that his grading didn't seem to look much good. I know there's taste involved and there's no such thing as 'wrong' but it didn't make me want to listen to what he had to say. Juan Melara on the other hand......
  21. So you didn't understand.... We (old BMPCC user) don't miss this nasty look you created 😄 If you own a old pocket (Fairchild sensor) , you'll understand.
  22. You guys know that "cinema camera" doesn't mean it can only shoot for cinema? You can also make weddings, ads, youtube videos and more with it. And for these scenarios IBIS is super useful.
  23. Canon ones have a special gnome prison in theirs where they keep all the dissident gnomes that want to paint on the whole area of the canvas instead of just the fenced off area in the middle.
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