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  2. Thanks Chris, I have been rocking the GH2, GH3, GH4 and now the GH5. It is the end of the line for me with the GH line. I really learned allot and I have lots of footage I love. There are a few exciting camera's out and coming out. GH5 with the 10 bit was a big plus over 8 bit. I want something with great color science like the Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 4.6K G2 but also with a small form factor. The Z CAM E-2 4K looks nice. For me the dream specs would good color science, 10 bit, 120 fps 4k, small form factor, global shutter, Pro Res Raw or HQ with MFT mount. I have invested and built up a collection of vintage glass in MFT so I'm rocking this formate for a while. With all that said, I still think my best footage came off my hacked GH2
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  4. No they can't, they can't output 10-bit
  5. I wasn't talking about 12 bit files. In 8 bit 4:2:0, for each set of 4 pixels in 8 bit 4:2:0, you have 4x 8 bit Y, and 1x 8 bit U and 1x 8 bit V. That averages out to 12 bits/pixel, a simplification to show the variation per pixel compared to RGGB raw. It seems your argument is essentially that debayering removes information, therefore the Raw file has more tonality. That's true--in a sense. But in that sense, even a 1 bit Raw file has information than the 8 bit debayered version won't have, but I wouldn't say it has "more tonality." I don't believe this is true. You always want to operate in the highest precision possible, because in minimizes loss during the operation, but you never get out more information than you put in. It's also possible we're arguing different points. In essence, what I am saying is that lossless 8 bit 4:2:0 debayered from 12 bit Raw in camera has the potential* to be a superior format to 8 bit Raw from that same camera. *and the reason I say potential is that the processing has to be reasonably close to what we'd do in post, no stupidly strong sharpening etc. About this specific example form the fp... I didn't have that impression, to be honest. It seems close to any 8 bit uncompressed image.
  6. kye

    Evaluating Cameras

    I think satisfaction levels are about comparing what you have to what you want. I think everyone probably always wants more, but it's about priorities. Do I want a camera the size of a GoPro Hero 5 Session, lenses that perform like Zeiss Master Primes, output files that look like an ARRI 65, and the whole thing to cost $100 with free shipping? Yes. But the point is that all that happens in the context of all the rest of what we're doing when we shoot. I think most real shooters are concerned with the total package of what they deliver, and if the camera isn't in the top 5 issues that are holding us back then we're not focused on it, and if asked we'll say we're satisfied. Everyone wants more, we just differ by how much we want it.
  7. A couple of screen-grabs from a recent Sofar Concert I shot. Shot with the 70-200 2.8, all in 4k 10bit HLG, graded with Filmconvert Nitrate in a couple of minutes.
  8. Otago

    Evaluating Cameras

    Interesting replies! I note that there are compromises for some people and some people are content with what they are currently shooting with. If you are satisfied then how did you come to that conclusion ? I am curious about how you know that you don't need anymore, because I know what I am happy with but I am finding it difficult to express how I came to that conclusion.
  9. Thanks for all the great insights. I am out working on a mission in a Mexican border town and distance has given me a bit of perspective on the Maxx/Nomad choice. Seems like the future with Zaxcom will really be Nova and their ecosystem if wireless is your priority. For me it may be a future need but at present is not so I may be best served by a Mixpre 10 II or Zoom F8n ... enough inputs for add on wireless as that need grows. Davinci Resolve Studio has been a bit hit or miss with TC sync and the present TC bugs in the new Mixpre II series does not help but I assume that they will sort it soon enough. Thanks again!
  10. Great stuff! I can see some cool lens stuff going on. These lenses work really nicely at night!
  11. Just to follow up on this. Most of these formats encode in YUV which is where the sampling comes from. An 8 bit YUV file is awful for tonality. The colour difference channels are so lacking detail and it's really just the luma part that 'holds' the image. But, a bit like raw, we don't see YUV or RAW files, these are both decoded into RGB space which we see on the monitors. Whenever there is an operation to 'decode' which takes place in a higher depth, then the resulting bit depth can be higher. If you have any applications that let you see inside a YUV H264 file then you really should take a good explore. When you see the data that is used to store images - be it YUV or RAW then you can see where the quality differences come from. The nice thing about DNGs is no compression, makes a wonderful difference to the image! You can get a 12 bit YUV file but most are 8 bit. That's 8bit for luma and 8bit for each of the colour difference channels but because of the nature of how colour difference works most of those 8 bit containers are empty. The colour difference channels are subsampled, so if the luma is 1920x1080 then in 422 each of those colour differences are 960x540. But you can decode an 8 bit YUV into 12 bit space if you want... cheers Paul
  12. Well, considering 31st October this year is supposed to be Brexit day..... • what r u gonna be Poorer and with the right to live and work in 27 other countries ended. • past costumes (post pics) Bread queue chic from our glory days of the 1970s. • fav candies These ones that we had to use to do our homework with during that same 3 day week era. • halloween movies??? Can't think of one containing a more scary bunch of clowns than this.
  13. Sorry, no what i mean is that when the debayer happens then missing pixels are reconstructed, usually in a theoretical colourspace like XYZ, then there's a matrix which brings that back into a white balanced space. All that math happens in floating point. So as we say in each 4x4 block there are two G and RB. Some sensors use different green filters as well, so one of those greens might be more sensitive to light than the other. The point of the debayer is to make up for each pixel what the other two missing colour values would be. This is not a simple extrapolation but can get quite complicated. So when that 8bit RAW source is debayered then it will be debayered into a higher bit depth container, or in most grading apps, a floating point linear colourspace. So those 'basic' 8 bit values once gone through the process would end up tonally in a different place entirely, especially the reconstructed channels. This is the point of bayering - we're making stuff up that's not there. Does that make sense? It's a very very different beast to working with an 8 bit 422 baked movie source. If you grab the 8bit UHD sample and push it around you'll see that it's way more robust than it should be and in fact if you look on a waveform (assuming workflow is correct) then you'll tell that the resulting image is not 8 bit. As for the movie recording. This is the IMX410 sony sensor. This can read 6K at 30fps, so perhaps sigma are reading the whole sensor and making up a RAW from that (bit odd but can be done). Or that sensor does support 4K crop at higher bit depths and rates. I do wonder whether sigma when set to full frame does the whole sensor but if you set to crop then sets the sensor in that mode and can achieve better rates Finally what we don't know is that whether the 10 bit version of DNG is linear or not. If they've done the same thing as they did with 8 bit then the 10 bit DNGs would be all you need. No need for that extreme 12 bit mode because i doubt you'd see any difference. So fingers crossed sigma have not done linear 10 bit. AFAIK the black magic DNGs are all 10 bit log internally. I don't know if that's still the case as i'm not BMD based (have a Red) cheers Paul
  14. I’ll be getting my students to sex, age and otherwise identify a few (replica) human remains... but when one works in forensic medicine & science everyday is a bit Halloween!
  15. I can take 5 different gimbal shots before you set up the slider. Sure, if you have the time then it will look better, but I often don't.
  16. Any update on this issue with the most recent FW?
  17. Panasonic Lumix DMC-G6 G6KK 16.0 MP Digital Camera - Black On Ebay (Body Only) Price: $339.99 Brand: Panasonic Connectivity: USB Battery Type: Lithium-Ion Megapixels: 16.0MP Features: Built-in Flash, Interchangeable Lenses Series: Panasonic LUMIX Type: Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Color: Black
  18. I’m definitely getting the E-M5 iii, looks awesome and I like the smaller size even though the em1 with no doubt has a more comfortable grip. Now if Olympus only would add auto-iso in video mode via firmware it would be the perfect small doc/journalist setup. @DaveAltizer I hope you stresstest this little guy in C4K to see if doesn’t overheat and if the autofocus is up to or with the EM1ii
  19. OK IT'S TIME • what r u gonna be • past costumes (post pics) • fav candies • halloween movies??? my powers are growing to their height on all hallows eve let's do this 😎
  20. helsinki is a spammer dont waste your time, hopefully mr reid will sort it out shortly helsinki has been reported enough times already
  21. wow, helsinki the spammer is getting really creative with his posts, we might make a cinematographer out of him yet. 😁 i am rather curious if rego check nsw covers iscorama's.... thought they would only cover cars and trucks
  22. https://www.eoshd.com/comments/topic/19973-need-advices-15x-anamorphic-and-wide-angle/
  23. Some people try to say they're not comparable, but I reckon in reality many people will indeed be choosing between the latest Sound Devices 833 or the new Zaxcom Nova Oh I screwed up! Once I realized how long I was talking for, and how quickly the sun set, I should have just cut and started again, but I really didn't want to re-start (especially as I'd already broken the seal on the box! And I'd hate to edit various parts together, I do prefer to just do a single one take) I'd probably prefer to keep the Zoom F8n? However, I am aware I probably have a strong bias towards the F series just because I've used them for so long (there is even things about the F series I prefer over the Sound Devices 833!). So maybe I'm not being totally fair to Zaxcom, and I should just use it for longer before judging it. (although I might not even get that many hours with Zaxcom under my belt because I'm not switching from F8n to Maxx now, but to an 833 instead!) Also another factor to consider is that it likely will be much easier for me to sell the F8n than the Maxx. Then again it is also cool to "own a Zaxcom", just one item.... as it is a major major brand I otherwise have nothing from. So another fact in favor of selling the F8n. Maxx / F8n are very similar in size. My F8n bag is bigger than my Maxx bag only because it is a bigger bag itself with more "stuff" in it. Heh, my 833 rig is currently smaller than my F8n rig! I'm having a change of heart lately about Orca bags, prefer to go slimmer and smaller. I wouldn't recommend buying a Maxx in late 2019 unless it is at a very good price. (however.... if you're interested in buying mine, please ignore that previous statement! haha) As for Nomad, I also wouldn't recommend a Nomad unless the price is very good. Be aware as well there many different Nomad versions. A Nomad 12 for instance I wouldn't pay more than around US$2.5K ish for. While a Nomad Lite would have to be under US$2K for me to begin to consider it. Buy Nova if you want to also buy a Zaxcom MRX414 with it (at least one, preferably buying two of them). Be aware if you wait just a few more weeks/months, so that Nova is shipping at volume, and fulfilling all orders, then secondhand Nomad prices will surely tumble even lower than we've already seen them go.
  24. Gnarbox so expensive.. I see people on youtube commenting they use this device instead for much cheaper https://www.ravpower.com/products/rp-wd009-filehub
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