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    • Im not sure many here actually shoot many weddings.  In my market its laughable to think robots and fixed security cams can match what I can do with other humans. Today or anytime soon in the wedding video market.
    • Cinematography Database YT channel spots them in BTS pics every so often, and Filmmaker IQ owns one and they're much closer to the high budget film world than most of the YT camera channels, so that's what I am basing my judgements on.  Plus, you know, that most people who criticise it haven't ever seen one. I think you're right that it does have a place, my point is that that place isn't very visible from the part of the filmmaking landscape most of us occupy, and just it's hard to know how much commercial content is shot with a GH5, it's hard to know how much commercial content is shot with an XC10 because it's good enough to blend in to stuff shot on other Canon cameras. Anyway, those DPreview people...  am I right? 😆😆😆
    • Did a bit of redesign this week, got two pieces cut on the waterjet for testing purposes. I changed the design of the ssd holder it now sits beneath the smallrig 15mm rails surprisingly  my measurements were rather accurate and all i had  to do was a little sanding to made things slide together. if i had to do it again i'd made things 0 .1 mm bigger for some wiggle room. The alloy clamp required the most time, broke out the dremel for that. The alloy holder clamp is a bit tall at the moment, i made it that way as i was guessing abit at the time. The last two pics are a bit of a mock up at the moment. i actually have the original clamp holder on the back at the moment. Not sure if i will get that machined to hold a step down ring or do something different. I am however happy that more progress has been made.
    • Sigma is very much still a family business that marches to their own beat so the continuance with the cameras is not really based on the camera's turning a profit in isolation. They are committed to Foveom because they believe it to be the best way to go not only technically but also because as they own the technology they aren't reliant on another sensor manufacturer. They also claim that making cameras helps their lens development by giving them better insight into the whole end to end process. Just as significantly though, Kazuto Yamaki, their CEO, also does it in large part as a continuing respectful tribute to his late father who started the company and who always dreamed of Sigma making its own cameras. https://www.amateurphotographer.co.uk/latest/photo-news/exclusive-interview-80154
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