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EOSHD C-LOG and Film Profiles for All Canon DSLRs
EOSHD Pro Color 3.0 for Sony cameras
EOSHD Pro LOG for Sony cameras
EOSHD 5D Mark III 3.5K RAW Shooter's Guide

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    • My "raw workflow" is just expose with a light meter, also get a grey card and then import to Resolve. In the raw settings I may use highlight reconstruction and do an exposure adjustment. Generally from there, if not working in ACES I do a CST to log (Cineon or Alexa LogC) then put the PFE lut on it to see how it will look before any log space grading. Edit: to be clear the PFE lut is the last thing in the chain but I'll put it on before grading (time-wise, not in the node graph). This gives me a nice quick one-light and should match the on-set monitor. I didn't see anything about these images that would make me deviate from that. They seem like regular raw images to me once they are in Resolve, but I'll have to see when more becomes available.
    • Hi, I have an FVD16A - I'm happy with the optical quality but it's too stiff for my follow focus. Anyone have experience loosening one up? I don't know how. Thanks.
    • Good news if you haven't had a problem with this technique. Now I have the rec triger fuji cable and I can't anyway power my XT3 with my Ronin. But I use a long 2m USB-C cable and I gaff a loop about 40-50cm on the SC's handle and I wear my anker  in my pocket or in a small shoulder bag. Works fine and lightweight!  
    • Iirc they just put the RAW stuff into an SRGB/gamma 2.6. Which seems quite ... unusual. whenever i do raw stuff in resolve, i go for blackmagic film, as flat as possible, then onwards to cineon and other log stuff. as i understand they tried to emulate the RAW to something they can compare to their other measurements. For me, RAW needs special treatment : ETTR, normalisation, and then noise reduction (i love neatvideo for that). it's difficult to compare the fp's dynamic range, because all other cams lower the noise floor already. you need to do your part in RAW yourself.
    • i didn't hear back. not sure whether my email got lost or what, i was kinda impatient after a couple of weeks, i ended up getting a local machinist to turn something up. However it would have been cheaper buying redstan. from what i remember the back thread size is metric 49 mm Some what related... bizarrely i seem to find double focusing easier on the canon 60d than the p4k. i have no logical explanation for why that is either. I do have ml installed on the canon but the 60d doesn't really get me the resolutions or clip length i would like. I'm undecided on getting a fvd or a better model canon to run ml and raw on i do have an active  thread called bmp4k adventures there maybe more info or pictures on the anamorphic set up there
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