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    • Yeah here is one with the Raw upgrade and a Metabones in it for 3000 Dollars. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Sony-PXW-FS5-XDCAM-Super-35-Camera-RAW-Upgrade-Metabones-Canon/183783100085?hash=item2aca538eb5%3Ag%3A7eMAAOSwnQFcvMQb&LH_BIN=1&frcectupt=true
    • Greetings, Here are this week’s new tracks. Free to use with attribution: MAGICAL BACKSTORY – (Looping) – This might sound nice under the menus, backstory, etc., in a mystical fantasy game, RPG or maybe a visual novel. https://soundimage.org/fantasy-8/ DRIFTING AWAY IN PUZZLE LAND – (Looping) – Sometimes…(actually lots of times)…I wish I could do just that. Anyhow, this is a variation of one of my other themes. https://soundimage.org/puzzle-music-4/ FUTURE FUNK – (Looping) – Here’s a grungy looping piece with a mechanical feel and a funky vibe that might sound cool in a sci-fi game of some kind. https://soundimage.org/dance-techno/ Enjoy!
    • Yep. I was all set to buy a high cri dimmable LED panel, but the delivery was too late. That rented fluorescent had a nasty green cast. Now in have that LED. 🙂 I think I'm with you on lowering the light. A bump up to ISO 640 on the Canon would be fine. I can dim my bg boat lighting, but I can't gel daylight windows until I can afford a crew to do that for me. :'-|
    • https://blackmagiccameraclub.wordpress.com/2015/01/25/prores-lt-vs-prores-hq-vs-raw-on-the-black-magic-pocket/
    • @Shirozina okay let’s backtrack a bit... your footage is noisy? Why? I thought the P4K sensor was supposed to be pretty clean? In fact, there are only two reasons why it would be noisy... 1. You’re underexposing it. Are you using ETTR? 2. You’re not shooting at base iso. As far as DR between raw and ProRes... I think I may have some side by side examples from some old Micro or Pocket footage... I’ll have to check my drives. Although, I would think the extra bit depth with Raw would make the idea of “perceived DR” pretty simple to understand. As far as Highlight Recovery I’m Resolve... have you ever used the Raw Panel? Bring in Raw footage that ETTR’d and you should see it completely overexposed with the Rec709 default... change it to BM Film and your waveform will drop but in many instances the highs will still be flat (slightly clipped) click Highlight Recovery and you get the top end back... it’s one of the best features in the Raw Panel.
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