Sony NEX 5N *vs* FS100 and NEX VG20 – hands on comparison

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Disclaimer: The VG20 could have been running pre-production firmware at the IFA show. If this is the case, clean HDMI and more picture tuning options could be present in the final camera, but other criticisms (like moire) most likely are not addressed.

How does the NEX 5N compare to Sony’s higher end dedicated video cameras?

Well first of all let me tell you that the VG20 is an absolute piece of crap. This is a camera that is meant to sit below the FS100 and is a good $1700 more expensive than the NEX 5N and yet it has a plethora of disadvantages compared to the diminutive mirrorless camera. It brings so little to the party for that extra $1700 namely a top handle and better audio. But in adding those, it also brings massive operational and build quality frustrations to the hapless operator.

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NEX 5N ‘easter egg’ found to increase video quality

Occasionally you stumble on something completely unexpected.

It’s great when this happens. The 5Ds and 7Ds, workhorses of the DSLR world, have nothing more to give; the lure and mystique of those early days in 2009 have all but vanished. The Sony NEX 5N however is different. A tempting new mistress who has yet to remove her makeup and demand you clean crusty left-over fries from the oven. I’ve only had the camera a few days I am still discovering new things about operating it and optimising the image. Usually the obvious stuff hits you first and then the smaller incidental bits. Well, I thought I’d try out the Sunset picture profile and I’m glad I did.

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Which is best for low light? Sony NEX 5N or NEX 7 and A77?


(Click the ISO 12,800 sample image above to enlarge to 1:1). Original samples from

Will Sony’s decision to put 24MP in the NEX 7 and A77 backfire? It certainly seems so.

The mid-range 16MP NEX 5N has by far the better image quality at high ISOs despite being half the price. It’s the Fuji F31fd of DSLRs!

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GH2 hack footage – 42Mbit AVCHD 1080/24p

The GH2 is already a lot of bang for the buck. This hack has made it a bonafide plastic explosive!

In the latest hack released today Vitaliy has enabled high bitrate AVCHD in 1080/24p cinema mode for the first time. These represent the first image quality improvements for the hacked GH2. What does it look like? Watch the video above to find out.

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Anamorphic Widescreen – Panasonic GH1 with LA7200 Lens – Part 1

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Here at EOSHD I am a bit fan of widescreen cinema. When I shoot, I think of the greats of cinema like Hitchcock and Kubrick, and I not only find it fun to try and get the best out of the GH1 – but to get something unique. The look and feel of super-wide screen shooting with anamorphic lenses is unique, and very very cinematic.
At the moment, normal 16:9 widescreen is ubiquitous and everybody is doing it. So get ready to step away from the crowd and let’s investigate proper cinema widescreen with some real life shooting!

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