Olympus has fallen – When $400 million camera sales per year are not enough

Olympus PEN-F

Officially a restructuring, but probably more likely the end. This is the saddest day and my thoughts are with the Olympus employees, hoping their best engineers can find a home at other camera companies. The new camera division under Japan Industrial Partners could be seen as something as a risk for any employees transferred here to work on the latest OM-D selfie stick. Far better to leave and work for Sigma, Panasonic or Fuji in my opinion.

Also in my opinion, Olympus could I am sure have found a bigger and more innovative backer than a private investment fund. In fact the saddest thing about this is the cultural side. A company like Apple could have had bought Olympus with their loose change and made good on a legacy of 83 years of photographic history to the benefit of this planet. Instead, the tech companies whose products brought about the demise of a photographic giant seem happy to see the jewel crushed into its component pieces and sold as scrap!

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Olympus E-M1X – is it worth $3000?

The E-M1 II is one of my favourite cameras. Now the high-end version has been officially unveiled, I have to say I am a little bit disappointed. I had expected an all-new technological marvel to justify the price tag… Instead the E-M1X is very much based on 2-year old technology from the E-M1 II.

It is a little bit like an E-M1 II with a firmware update and vertical grip.

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