Pancake sized motorised zoom lens coming for Panasonic GF7, GH3

Above: Panasonic intend to mimic a compact camera motorised retractable zoom but on an interchangeable lens camera.

According to one of my sources in Europe, Panasonic are preparing new lenses and it seems one is like we’ve never seen before on a DSLR or mirrorless.

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Sony and Zacuto news round-up

Sony A77

Above: Sony A77 with new Zeiss 24mm F1.8.

I have been in England this past week and survived the riots thankfully! Updates will be back to their normal speed from this week as I’m back to my other home, the much more gentle city of Berlin! Also a quick shout out to anyone else who will be in Berlin this week – Philip Bloom is in town for Cam Busters and I’ll be at any meet-up that happens so come along and say hello. Check Philip’s Twitter for latest updates, times, etc.

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Full frame or 5K – which is best?

5D Mark II poster

The full frame sensor and 5K are the biggest technical innovations of the current era of digital video, but which makes the biggest difference to the image?

Should we all be upgrading to 5K and clamouring for 4K on our APS-C DSLRs?

Or will a modestly upgraded full frame 5D Mark III 1080p video mode be more significant for the image?

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