Sony A77

Sony A77

Sony are set to unveil their next generation of high-end enthusiast DSLR – the A77, successor to the Alpha A700. Is Canon about to get some competition in the APS-C video DSLR world? Rumours suggest the A77 soundly beats the 7D, 60D and others – even the GH2. Lets explore what next month’s 7/7 announcement of the Sony A77 will deliver…

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Nikon pair Black Swan’s DP Matthew Libatique with D5100

Nikon have just shot their D5100 TV commercial on the D5100 itself.

A few years late to this game but at least they are doing it properly. No jumpsuited gimps in this one like the GH2 commercial shot on a 5D, just Ashton Kutcher… Oh wait.

But behind the camera was one of my favourite DPs of all time – Matthew Libatique, none other than Darron Aronofsky’s Director of Photography. He’s best known for DPing Black Swan and Requiem For A Dream – both modern classics.

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Why there will be no Nikon D4

What kind of DSLR will be the successor to the Nikon D3 series? Here’s a clue, it won’t be the D4. A quick glance at other models confirms the fact. Panasonic have the LX3, and skip to the LX5. Olympus have the E-3 and E-5, but no E-4. Sony have a NEX3 and NEX5. A quick scan through all the recent camera releases at DPReview reveals a few 40’s and 4000’s but no 4’s.

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