Zen – Shooting anamorphic in Shanghai with an Iscorama and $20 lens


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I was in Shanghai for most of November. Shanghai is a monstrous megapolis of concrete really and not quite what I was expecting. It is FAR rawer than Tokyo or Taipei and a lot of the old cultural relics have been swept away – but it was a very interesting place to visit and to film footage in. Down the road there was the Jade Buddha Temple in Jing’An district which is part tourist destination part temple of worship for the local Chinese, I took a look inside…

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4 way anamorphic shootout – sharpness


Here is a quick test I conducted in Berlin today… No bloody charts, just a pair of AKG headphones. The idea was to focus on the AKG badge, determine sharpness and judge the overall character of the lenses. The apertures are at a minimum for each lens – maybe you can go a bit lower on the Proskar but the Canon FD 50mm Macro is a good fit for it, seems sharpest with that lens.

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