Zen – Shooting anamorphic in Shanghai with an Iscorama and $20 lens


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I was in Shanghai for most of November. Shanghai is a monstrous megapolis of concrete really and not quite what I was expecting. It is FAR rawer than Tokyo or Taipei and a lot of the old cultural relics have been swept away – but it was a very interesting place to visit and to film footage in. Down the road there was the Jade Buddha Temple in Jing’An┬ádistrict which is part tourist destination part temple of worship for the local Chinese, I took a look inside…

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4 way anamorphic shootout – sharpness


Here is a quick test I conducted in Berlin today… No bloody charts, just a pair of AKG headphones. The idea was to focus on the AKG badge, determine sharpness and judge the overall character of the lenses. The apertures are at a minimum for each lens – maybe you can go a bit lower on the Proskar but the Canon FD 50mm Macro is a good fit for it, seems sharpest with that lens.

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