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Panasonic: We will accelerate the LUMIX project under new structure

March 28, 2017 Andrew Reid (EOSHD)

Reports in the media suggest Panasonic are dismantling the ‘digital camera’ division with some even speculating that Panasonic will pull out of the camera market like Samsung. In fact according to Yosuke Yamane of Panasonic, the company is re-doubling their focus on cameras like the GH5 and planning more releases in 2017.

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Canon “exploring” 4K GH4 competitor

March 11, 2015 Andrew Reid (EOSHD)

This is probably the most revealing interview I can remember with a Canon exec. Barney Britton and Rishi Sanyal at DPR have asked not just tough questions, but the right questions! Canon imply a small GH4-like 4K camera is “under consideration” and they want to satisfy demand from the news media industry.

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Interview with Panasonic – raw HDMI output may be coming to future GH4 firmware plus anamorphic aspect ratios in firmware V2.0

October 1, 2014 Andrew Reid (EOSHD)

New firmware for the Panasonic adds higher vertical resolutions in various aspect ratios, making further use of the camera’s 4K video ability. For photographers also a brand new in-camera workflow is now available to extract high resolution stills from “4K Photo Mode”. For 4K video, resolution increases from 2160 lines in 16:9 for standard 4K to 2336 lines in 3:2, 2496 lines in 4:3 and an enormous 2880 lines in 1:1. By comparison the Red Dragon in 6K records up to 3160 lines vertically (2:1 aspect ratio). An anamorphic lens is needed to take advantage of the resolution gain in squarer aspect ratios

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10 questions I’ll be asking Canon and Nikon at Photokina – join me and present yours

September 13, 2014 Andrew Reid (EOSHD)

It is rare to see a less than positive review of a camera online today and rarer still to see tough questions asked of camera companies in interviews. At EOSHD I don’t agree the ‘yes man’ relationship does the camera companies any favours at all. Here are my 10 tough questions for Canon and Nikon at Photokina. I’ll be asking product managers in person exactly these on the day. Although these are quite cutting questions there’s absolutely no malevolent intent behind them. They come from me purely as a filmmaker & photographer who wants to see more innovative products from the big two.

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Grant Petty reveals origins of Blackmagic cameras (concept was offered to major manufacturers)

December 5, 2013 Andrew Reid (EOSHD)

Blackmagic CEO Grant Petty has revealed he approached camera manufacturers in 2011 with the idea of producing a DSLR-style model with high dynamic range and increased video quality but was turned down. “They don’t care about the product. Their only goal is to extract as much from the business as they can. It’s incredibly short-termist, and greedy”.