Hello! I’m Andrew Reid, the editor of EOSHD and a British filmmaker.

I didn’t take the usual filmmaking career path of client work and commercial videography, preferring to focus on my own creative projects and collaborations - much as a musician might do. EOSHD is the platform that allows me to showcase my work, to explore camera technology, offer consumer advice and to share my knowledge.

One of the guiding principals of EOSHD is that nobody should be blocked from practicing their art and executing their talent as a cinematographer or filmmaker due to the cost of equipment. DSLRs are a prime example of what’s so great about accessible filmmaking equipment. Yes, I do also cover the high end but the real ‘bread & butter’ of EOSHD is DSLR video.

My style as a filmmaker

I am heavily influenced by a classical filmmaking style (Kubrick, Tarkovsky) and I am guided by my emotional sensitivity to images and sound. In terms of style a lot of my work has a documentary feel but shot in a more locked-down, less run & gun way. Cinematic, but real.

I prefer to travel light when shooting on location, with minimal gear and to explore on foot to truly get a feel for a place. A lot of my pieces are location studies and mood pieces. The fiction work I do are music videos and short films, not yet features or films heavy in traditional narrative heavy in dialogue.

Another guiding principal of myself as a filmmaker and of EOSHD is that filmmakers should have a voice and strong opinions. Pretty images are not enough. If you fail to move someone or fail to make them think, then what’s the point?

My overall style mainly involves:

  • Low light and natural light
  • Anamorphic lenses
  • Real locations and people

I usually shoot with natural light and I love shooting at night where a city can throw up so many lighting possibilities you don’t get with staged lighting.

I am a huge fan of the anamorphic look, and own several of these lenses. They give a whole new feel to how we see images and I believe anamorphic to be as much a part of cinema as 24 frames per second.

I hope you enjoy the blog!

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