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Sony A6000 with Zeiss 50mm F1.4 on Speed Booster

Sony A6000 with Zeiss 50mm F1.4 on Speed Booster

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The Sony A6000 is the best Sony consumer camera yet for video. A Nikon D5300 in a mirrorless body, with far more features, the image quality is closer to the FS700 in 1080p than to a NEX 7 or A5000. The pristine sharp EVF, a magnified focus assist which can be activated whilst recording (rare!), peaking, zebra, 16:9 screen and of course the mirrorless form factor. This is arguably the best current ‘cheap’ camera for video, de-throning the GH2 and GH3. At just $650 it is an absolute bargain.

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Olympus OM D E M1

Olympus have announced a new flagship Micro Four Thirds camera, the OM-D E-M1 which goes head to head with the GH3 but without any of Panasonic’s focus on video. The camera offers only one frame rate at all resolutions – 30p.

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canon 70d-2

Finally after 4 years a genuinely new sensor on a Canon APS-C camera!

The 60D was one of the best value cameras in the Canon range and the 70D is a nice step forward albeit at a higher launch price this time ($1199).

It has a brand new sensor promising improved video quality and reliable AF tracking but the lack of compact flash card slot will hold it back when it comes to any raw video potential.

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GH3 review

Above: my GH3 kitted out with Leica 14-50mm F2.8, Lanparte follow focus, carbon matte box and baseplate

Six months in the making here is my final and full review of the Panasonic GH3 jointly published with I highly recommend checking out that review as well, to which I contributed the video mode insights.

The Panasonic GH3 is an affordable $1299 hybrid camera and has a special legacy to build on with indie filmmakers.

Does it succeed?

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Leica M product manager - Jesko Von Oeynhausen

Leica revealed their new M series camera at Photokina 2012. It marks the first time video has been implemented on a Leica M, with a brand new full frame 35mm CMOS sensor developed in Europe by CMOSIS.

EOSHD went along to interview Product Manager for the M-System Jesko Von Oeynhausen to find out what it means for filmmakers. Please note that the camera is at the moment a pre-production camera (firmware version with an expected list price of €6200.

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