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KineRAW Mini

In a sea of insipid and faceless cameras for the corporate workplace, here is something different. Like the Blackmagic Cinema Camera it is designed for filmmakers who want image quality as close to Super 35mm film as possible but can’t afford $15,000+

This is rumoured to be around the $4000 mark and has a Super 35mm sensor, Cinema DNG raw recording and a very compact body with no fan.

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Ungraded KineRaw S35 shot

This much anticipated ‘Chinese Alexa’ basic kit has been officially priced for pre-orders at a shocking $6300.

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KineRAW S35

KineRAW tester Dan Hudgins has kindly updated us with new photos of the KineRAW S35 and downloadable raw CineForm clips on the EOSHD forum.

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Jim Jannard can breath a sigh of relief. According to a Japanese sales manager, Sony’s ‘affordable’ S35mm pro video camera will cost in the region of $50,000 – in league with the Arri Alexa.

I should however emphasise that in no way is this the official, confirmed price yet.

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