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I’ve had the A7S for over a week now and can share my initial thoughts, even some firm conclusions. Here’s one I’ve come to already – the Sony A7S is the best consumer camera Sony have ever made.

For $2500 the video performance of the A7S sits between the FS700 ($8000) and F5 ($17,000) yet the full frame sensor lends more character and allows for groundbreaking low light performance.

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Only a few years ago S-LOG was a $3800 upgrade for the Sony CineAlta F3, itself a $15,000 camera. S-LOG made its debut on the Sony F35, a workhorse of Hollywood.

Now Sony have put this on a $2500 consumer camera along with the best full frame sensor I have ever used for video. How good is it? Very!!

I am sharing a pack of LUTs for the A7S which can be applied in Premiere, Resolve, etc. for an instant cinematic look to your A7S S-LOG 2 footage.


Three LUTs are provided in the zip. Dynamic – for best dynamic range, will suit a low contrast shot requiring high dynamic range and plenty of shadow detail. Also good for low light. Vivid will give a punchier look to those shots that benefit from it like a sunset and where some dynamic range can be scarified for higher contrast and saturation. S-GAMUT is for when shooting S-LOG with the Color Mode of S-GAMUT and compensates for the purple tint to reds I find I am getting in this mode. For the Dynamic and Vivid LUTs you must set the camera colour mode in PP7 to ITU709 Matrix.

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New Mac Pro

The new 9.9 by 6.6 inch Mac Pro is the height of a bottle of wine and diameter of a cookie jar. Cutting edge in terms of technology it’s also a radical departure from the old models in terms of design and in my view it is going to be a huge success though I’m expecting an equally huge price tag.

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resolve 5d mark iii raw

A professional workflow for 5D Mark III raw is now available.

GoPro CineForm Raw offers 10:1 compression and can be edited directly in Adobe Premiere and Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 9.

Adobe Cinema DNG brings a Blackmagic Cinema Camera style workflow to the 5D Mark III and is ideal for grading uncompressed raw in DaVinci Resolve.

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Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 10

Image source: Frank Glencairn

NAB 2013 is being prepared and an eagle eyed Frank Glencairn has spotted what appears to be a giant ad board for Blackmagic’s next version of Resolve – version 10.

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