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One of the highlights of Photokina 2012 was meeting up with SLR Magic, the small but nimble optics company based in Hong Kong. They brought out one of the first proper fast wide lenses for Micro Four Thirds (the 12mm F1.6) by listening to demand and acting swiftly. Now they are building high end super-fast primes which are optimised for filmmakers as well as photographers.

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I will be travelling to Cologne in the afternoon for Photokina 2012 which starts on Tuesday.

Tomorrow is the press day where all the new cameras and lenses go official. It will be a fast moving day so be sure to follow me on Twitter for live updates.

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Canon MD of imaging Masaya Maeda

Canon will release a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera in 2012. Japanese website DCWatch has the first interview where Canon have spoken in detail about the development of the new system.

There’s so much in this interview. But the translation is very rough. So take my interpretation as just that for now – an interpretation.

Note: I have also corrected some grammar in the translated quotes for easy reading.

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