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(Click the ISO 12,800 sample image above to enlarge to 1:1). Original samples from

Will Sony’s decision to put 24MP in the NEX 7 and A77 backfire? It certainly seems so.

The mid-range 16MP NEX 5N has by far the better image quality at high ISOs despite being half the price. It’s the Fuji F31fd of DSLRs!

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Sony NEX 5N

Here is the update to the old NEX 5. I’m surprised they didn’t dub it NEX 6 because it’s significantly different.

Full manual control in video mode – this is a huge surprise. We knew the A77 and A65 had it from the leaks. I was relieved when I saw the NEX-7 had it. I am frankly over the moon to see the affordable NEX-5 with it (according to the Japanese Sony website).

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The Sony NEX7 and A77

SonyAlphaRumors have had a huge Sony horde of leaks including the first images of the production Sony NEX7, a camera likely to blow the GH2 and Fuji X100 into the dust. It launches alongside a new video optimised Zeiss 24mm F1.8.

With 1080/60p at 28Mbit, the NEX7 is  pro mirrorless camera with 24 megapixel sensor and metal body. It maintains the small size of the NEX5 but with more manual control, a hotshoe, built in OLED viewfinder and beefier grip.

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