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Sony A6000 top mode dial

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Sony have now taken their Alpha re-think to the mid-range NEX 6 mirrorless camera. For video it looks like an interesting alternative to the ageing NEX 7, adding a 16:9 screen, zebra, dedicated movie mode, new sensor and uncompressed HDMI output.

It also points to some of the new features we’re sure to see on the NEX 7′s actual successor, the A7000.

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Speed Booster - Samyang 35mm F1.4 - NEX 7

Speed Booster at 35mm F1.0 on the Sony NEX 7

With the Metabones Speed Booster APS-C and Super 35mm sized sensors have taken a barrelling charge up to the door of full frame.

Does it blow the doors off?

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Get the 1080p frame grabs here

There’s a large difference in the image from these 3 cameras. See how they compare in this test video.

Later in the video there is also a test of the Contax Zeiss 300mm F4 in Ex-Tele crop mode (1:1 1080p from the centre of the sensor) on the GH2. In this mode you can see into people’s windows from 2 miles away sat on a hillside. It is insane!!

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NEX 7 ReWo Cage Prototype

If you are interested in the NEX 7 cage get in touch with Philip and Wondo at ReWo’s website here

The NEX 7 just became more attractive on a professional film set. Here is the ReWo cage for the Sony NEX 7. The shots below are of the most recent prototype. You may remember ReWo from the professional GH2 cage (see the EOSHD review).

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Fuji X Pro 1

Canon have been on the record to say that the only rival they fear is Fuji (because of their expertise in sensors). Canon want to fear them and I want to like them. If only the GH2 was this good looking.

Unfortunately I am having quite a hard time liking my X-Pro 1 when she is sitting side by side with the superb Sony NEX 7.

Does it offer enough over the Sony NEX 7 to justify the price tag?

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