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GH3 real world test

This report is based on a pre-production model.

The GH3 is Panasonic’s most far-reaching attempt yet to take on Canon’s DSLR-market domination. So popular were Canon’s DSLRs for video that they were able to found the entire Cinema EOS business on the back off it (and in doing so, arguably they turned their back on the enthusiast DSLR video market).

But there was always a dark horse and that camera was the Panasonic GH2, with a better image and feature-set than any APS-C Canon DSLR for video. Now the dark horse has come of age but question marks remain. Is the mass market educated enough to choose more discerningly when it comes to DSLRs and DSLMs?

And is the GH3 good enough?

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Canon C300 vs Blackmagic Cinema Camera

The Canon C300 produces a very clean 1080p image from a 4K sensor. How does the Blackmagic Cinema Camera compare in raw mode?

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The 550D was released almost exactly 2 years ago and it was a great leveller of the playing field, since it brought similar video quality to the 7D down to a more reasonable price point.

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Update: James has had a full day’s shooting now with the modified 5D Mark III. Check out the footage above.

Warning: please wait for this to all shake out. Don’t hastily modify your 5D Mark III without the necessary technical knowledge and research. Opening the camera voids the warranty and risks irreparable damage.

James Miller has decided to open up his brand new Canon 5D Mark III, tear it down and remove the blurring anti-aliasing filter from in front of the sensor. It does seem like a particularly strong optical low pass filter on this camera, which produces very soft results in video mode.

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Nikon D800

Freelance BBC shooter Johnnie Behiri has had his hands all over the new Nikon DSLRs recently and has been keeping me informed about their pros and cons. The big news here is just how good the Nikon D800′s video with cutting edge Sony sensor is relative to its big brother the D4.

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