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The €3199 KineRAW MINI is the latest affordable raw cinema camera to be released. Featuring a 4K Super 35mm sensor it is a rival to the Blackmagic Production Camera and an alternative to shooting raw on the 5D Mark III with Magic Lantern. It shoots 2K / 1080p Cinema DNG uncompressed raw internally.

Having now spent more time with the camera for the full review (coming soon), I was curious to see how 5D Mark III raw video stacks up against a dedicated cinema camera with a sensor purpose built for video – not stills.

With the help of a new EOSHD test scene, we’re about to find out -

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This week I was loaned a GH3 body for a short time at Photokna by Panasonic. This test footage was shot in 1080/25p ALL-I mode at 72Mbit, with two slow mo-sequences of Pocahontas and the juggler shot in AVCHD 1080/50p at 50Mbit.

I also had a go at grading the GH3 footage with Peter Patten of Apple.

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1D X - sharpen in post

Battle of the flagships

We had a small glimpse at what the 1D X was capable of last week. Now Associated Press shooter Ivan Sekretarev has very kindly provided his raw test clips to EOSHD. Here’s my view on them…

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NEX 5N and GH2

It is really great seeing yet another manufacturer pony up and enter the DSLR video market. I use the Sony NEX 5N when I want an APS-C sensor, 1080/60p for slow mo and it works great with my rangefinder lenses – small, and even has peaking for manual focus.

My work-horse the GH2 hasn’t been getting as much attention with the Sony and Nikon news of late so time put it back in the spot light like a frightened rabbit in car headlights. It is still the best DSLR for image quality in video mode. And that is why I recommend it so much on EOSHD. Simple.

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Try this for size - Sony NEX versus Nikon J1

More Nikon 1 images at (French website)

In an interview with Imaging-Resource, Nikon general manager of R&D said that image quality (not size) was the number one priority for the Nikon 1 series and that the camera has been in development for 4 years, a process which began even before Panasonic’s work on Micro Four Thirds.

Has it been worth it? You are about to find out.

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