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Sony F5 / F55

Sony are set to shake up the digital cinema market with a specs war, at less than half the price of the Epic and also at the C300 price point of $15k.

The Sony F5 (priced to compete with the Canon C300) takes the compact form of the FS100 / FS700 but adds a Red-style modularity and the more logical control layout of the Alexa. The F55 has the same ergonomic design but even more importantly the more expensive camera features an utterly ground-breaking new sensor with a global shutter for the first time on a digital cinema camera.

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Bolex D16

Now I love this kind of enterprising spirit. A passion for filmmaking, a passion for technology and a “let’s build a rocket” mentality. The Digital Bolex project which seeks to build a digital cinema camera for indie filmmakers has now succeeded in passing their $100,000 target in just 24hrs – helped by taking pre-orders for the camera at $2500 each. In fact it is set to break $200,000 in just 48hrs. A runaway success…

Will the customers get what they paid for? There are many ways to look at the Digital Bolex. Here are my 10 perspectives…

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Canon’s new Cinema EOS camera is here and it is 5D Mark II inspired in terms of design although not price! Costing over $16,000 the Canon EOS C300 has a far more compact and less cluttered design than the Sony FS100 or F3. The camera takes on the look of a DSLR with built in EVF. The camera will be available in January 2012.

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Right now, 35mm film stock producers Fujifilm are missing a huge opportunity to shape cinema’s future

Band of pirates though they are, RED are a profitable company and right now their only competition comes from some unlikely sources – Arri’s Alexa and Canon’s consumer DSLRs.

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