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UPDATE: The HDMI output on this camera is uncompressed 4:2:2, for a leap in image quality over the internal 24Mbit codec! Check the forum for my ProRes noise grain sample shots

The Nikon D5200 is the best mid-range Nikon yet for video. What is more of a surprise is the relish in which it takes on the much more expensive 5D Mark III, Panasonic GH3 and Nikon’s own flagship the D800 and D4.

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The Nikon D5200 is equipped with a new Toshiba sensor and appears to outperform both the new full frame Nikon D600, Canon 6D and even the Nikon D800 when it comes to video.

It looks like newcomer Toshiba didn’t get the memo “All DSLRs must suffer from moire and aliasing in video mode”.

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Nikon D800E

Go here to read DPReview’s look at the D800E movie mode vs the standard D800

Please bear in mind the situation can be improved dramatically by the right in-camera picture settings and Mosaic Engineering’s anti-aliasing filter for the D800, which is under development now (as of June 2012).

DPReview have updated their D800 review with comparison samples and image quality analysis versus the D800E. Along with a 2GB uncompressed file from the D800E recorded to a Blackmagic HyperDeck Shuttle 2, DPReview have posted several 1080p clips on Vimeo from the D800E.

Is the D800E a viable option for video or does the lack of anti-aliasing filter aggravate the moire issues of the D800 even more?

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If you are waiting for the out of stock Nikon D800 – it seems your wait might have to go on for a while yet – since the D800E might be the one to get.

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Atomos Ninja

Download the firmware here

Atomos have released a firmware update for the Ninja ProRes recorder to make it Nikon D800 certified. It is now able to obtain a true native 24p progressive feed from the Nikon D800! No more interlaced. They say quality in this mode is very good. I don’t yet have a D800 (or the Ninja!) so can’t test this for myself but if any readers are willing to give this a go, be my guest.

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