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Blackmagic Pocket Camera sensor / CMOS

It’s an open secret that the Blackmagic Cinema Camera was based around a sCMOS sensor from Fairchild Imaging. Now the company has announced it’s successor, the sCMOS 2.0

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TrueSense sensors

TrueSense Imaging’s sensors are behind the Ikonoskop and Digital Bolex cameras. Traditionally known for their CCDs, the company is now stepping into CMOS for the first time.

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Aptina dragon

Today sees the announcement of a new DSLR sensor from one of Nikon’s recent sensor supplier’s Aptina which has a headline spec of 4K video at up to 80fps.

The highly rated company says it is ‘combining DSLR image quality and 4K digital cinema’ with the new AR1411HS sensor. Along with Nikon being on the record for wanting to add 4K video to future Nikon 1 mirrorless cameras, could the new Super 16mm sized Aptina sensor pave the way for them to do a Cinema EOS style range and 4K on DSLRs?

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Though it cannot be 100% confirmed I am pretty sure the Blackmagic Production Camera uses a sensor supplied by CMOSIS, which if true would be very good news as it is the latest technology and already in mass production.

Here are your sensor questions answered…

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Blackmagic CMOSIS CMV 12000

UPDATE: More details here

Last year I found a sensor which seemed a perfect match for future 4K Blackmagic Cinema Cameras. I contacted the supplier CMOSIS who quoted me a rough price point which made 4K for $4K within reach. CMOSIS are a European company who are mass producing the full frame CMOS sensor in the new Leica M so they are an extremely reliable and high regarded supplier with experience of mass production for the photographic market.

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