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More on the Sony F55 at EOSHD - analysis and specs

Here it is! Shot in 4K at 60fps for slow-mo, this is a test movie from the Sony F55. Designed to compete head-on with the Arri Alexa, the camera’s major selling points are a global shutter and future proof 4K.

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Buy it now – Sony HX9v

This is what happens when you don’t overhaul your imaging chips for 3 years, Canon. The new Sony HX9v compact out-resolves the 600D’s video mode for resolution, and has 1080/60p. It is also a lot closer to a DSLR in terms of dynamic range than I expected it would be. It fits in my pocket and has a stabilised 24-380mm lens.

It has an image processor powerful enough to handle 43 megapixel panoramas in-camera as well, but that along with the incredible ACT stabiliser is something I’ll go into more detail on in the full review later.

The HX9v’s video mode is to compacts what the 5D Mark II’s video mode was to DSLRs.

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This is a response to Stu Maschwitz / who wrote this ProLost blog a very well articulated piece on James Cameron and Peter Jackson’s plans to abandon 24p.

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