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Bolex H16

Above: EOSHD picked up this Bolex H16 for under 400 euros – it came with a complete set of Schneider Xenon lenses

I love the 16mm and Super 16mm format and there are two cameras on the horizon that could offer very exciting images. Digital Bolex with their global shutter, raw and extensive feature set then Blackmagic with their diminutive Pocket Cinema Camera which shoots ProRes and raw.

With only weeks to go until the expected Pocket Cinema Camera shipping data I’ve been stocking up on c-mount lenses. Here’s a guide to which ones work, which ones don’t, and how to spot a bargain.

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Digital Bolex

I’m really impressed by this new Digital Bolex blog post detailing what they have been spending all this extra time on. The project has had a massive yet very sensible improvement on the original specs of the camera.

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Bolex D16

Now I love this kind of enterprising spirit. A passion for filmmaking, a passion for technology and a “let’s build a rocket” mentality. The Digital Bolex project which seeks to build a digital cinema camera for indie filmmakers has now succeeded in passing their $100,000 target in just 24hrs – helped by taking pre-orders for the camera at $2500 each. In fact it is set to break $200,000 in just 48hrs. A runaway success…

Will the customers get what they paid for? There are many ways to look at the Digital Bolex. Here are my 10 perspectives…

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Nikon J1

EOSHD takes a first look at the Nikon J1

If you are doing personal work as a lone artist the Nikon J1 might be of interest. Whilst many filmmakers quite reasonably would think of this thing as a toy, creatively it does have a purpose and there’s also some interesting technology in it.

The J1 is the first outing of Nikon’s extremely fast Expeed 3 chip (a beefed up version of this appears in the new Nikon D4!)

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