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  2. That's not much money, but then you still need someone to operate the scanner and you still have development costs. That's really not bad though. Maybe it is getting cheaper. It's been a while since I looked into this.
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  4. A brand new Cintel 35mm scanner is $30k: (+$1500 for 16mm). Perhaps there are deals on the used market for film scanners...
  5. Since you're using ACR, try pulling the highlights down a bit and using ACR's Grain to increase perceived resolution and to help hide aliasing artifacts.
  6. Hi guys I have bmcc with CY spedboster looking for wide angle lenses like 18 15 but my choice is limited since I need cy mount can I use other adapters like cy to canon adapter on my spedboster so I can use 15 mm 2.8 canon lens
  7. Shooting approx. 16:9 with global draw off. Distraction free colour live view at 24fps and proper framing. Frame from the DNG 10bit raw, upscaled in Adobe Camera Raw. Doesn't look bad does it?
  8. Have you learned about it from this review or on your own? :D Even though I dont own XT2 im following this tread from begging and do ocasional research on the web, The colors SOOC is one of the best ive seen, if fuji brings touch screen, fully articulated screen and maybe even ibis Ill jump the system, I want to scale down but I hate sony :P I would prefere FF aesthetics but I like the smaller lenses that are made specifically for APSC cameras and thats where Fuji wins knowing that canon will never deliver with specs that what we all want and knowing I dont want MFT camera Fuji is the only altarnative :D
  9. hahaha yeah
  10. To be fair, I'd probably rather watch a Brett Ratner film shot on beta max over anything made by anyone on this board... okay maybe not.
  11. I'd rather watch a David Lynch film shot on DV over anything made by anyone on this board. But that's just my opinion.
  12. Custom single focus test 35NAP 2-2
  13. The trickle down effect from 8k cinema to consumer model cameras will inevitably happen, where horrible colours and in-camera sharpening and compression will no doubt be employed. Codec support and media will be slow to catch up and be supported as a standard...much like happened with 4K. Marketing will indeed by hyped, clients will assume more resolution is better's the same story each time. I wouldn't be too concerned though, it's a long way off until existing HD and 4K is properly implimented yet. Many broadcasters and web platforms are still yet to catch up. The distribution and processing of high bandwidth data is always going to be the takes time for the price point of many factors to converge for these things to become economically viable enough to implement for mass consumption. 8k camera acquisition gives amazing options for filmmakers to implement for 4K/2k delivery but 8k as a resolution for consumer presentation and a long way off (and mostly pointless in many cases for traditional projection viewing). If a wedding client specifically asks for an 8k delivery anytime soon, then they either have a suitable budget to give you for the job, or are completely clueless. Good colour science and dynamic range is what most camera manufacturers know is what makes good pictures, resolution boost is a bonus if it does not complicate workflow too much. But as happened with HD/4K buzz when it was will initially have a load of crap coming out so it can wear that 8k badge on its side. I suspect that s35 will be less of a standard with these bigger sensors becoming more common. The Red helium 8k VV looks like the way things are at least. That camera in particular is the first thing produced by Red that I think delivers on their braggy-jock rockstar attitude that they used to throw around.
  14. It's dimmer. Backlight goes down. Besides, the picture profile applies to stills (JPEGs) as well as video.
  15. I was filming with a 5D mkII, 7D and a t2i at that time. Because I needed to do double focusing, and since t2i is lighter, thats why I use it with the anamorphic lens.
  16. I agree that it has value as an acquisition format for big productions, especially because there are some hints that high end camera manufacturers are going "big sensors route" in the future (some are already there). My point was would it be good to finish / deliver in 8K to viewers because it seems like an overkill to my eyes. My concern regarding this matter is that manufacturers will very soon push 8K into smaller and cheaper cameras because of marketing and TV sales, and before you know it you will have to deliver a wedding video in 8K because it is such a catchy phraze that number with a "K". Now that we have great detail with 4K, I think there are more important ingredients to throw into new cameras. BTW, for the video above you couldn't put it better, I felt a "sensory overload" while watching it in 8K
  17. The last feature I was on that shot 35mm had a very low shooting ratio, got a killer deal from Kodak, and used horrible low quality scans. I think the added cost of shooting film (despite a virtually free camera) was nearly $200k. This was the ABSOLUTE cheapest deal around at the time, and prices have gone up. I just can't figure out how you're shooting that cheaply. They also shot with a digital b cam for a pretty substantial part of the shoot. I find lab fees and scans significantly more expensive than film stock if you want high quality 2k scans. What labs are you using that will develop and 2k scan 400 feet of 16mm for $200? I've yet to find any but every time I budgeted it out shooting on 16mm adds at least a few thousand dollars to the budget for a 10-minute short, and maybe much more. I agree having a digital b cam is smart. That said, for a short film, a few thousand dollars is not much, but difficult to stomach when it's all out of pocket and with no hope of a financial return.
  18. Don't start anamorphising... it's like another level, suddenly sphericals get the household items treatment.
  19. I like Audacity.. but it's basically all I've even looked at since it's the free one. I've heard it's limited compared to others, which I believe, but I've never felt too trapped
  20. Sorry I thought he was saying it was shot on Red, I should have checked the description on YT. My mistake.
  21. IMO what DAW you use doesn't really matter other than personal preference, what does matter is plugins I usually use Waves, grabbed the Gold-bundle and the API-560 EQ a while back and those have been my gotos, X-Noise is pretty neat too but haven't purchased that one yet.
  22. ...saying that, the example video does look a bit distracting, mainly because the detail is being combined with very deep depth of field, causing a bit of 'sensory overload' - especially when subjects have vivid colour. I'm also not sure how many actors and actresses will appreciate every pour of their skin being revealed in a closeup at 8k, they complain enough as it is at 4K which is why digital makeup has become a very common thing these days. My guess is that by the time affordable 8k consumer cameras become common place, I suspect the actual resolving resolution will be closer to 4K after broadcast/streaming compression takes its toll, not to mention whatever tricks the camera is doing at source to quickly write to compact media. For now, Red seem to be getting it working pretty well. Mark Toia seems to describe the advantages of 8k as a capture format quite nicely (even though it's a bit of a sales pitch)..
  23. Thanks jon and that is true. It's hard to shoot without IBIS once I've used it. And I have used Panasonic's, Sony's and Olympus' version. Of those 3, I find Olympus' to work the best, but I already have an amazing 1080p camera, so for me to invest in a 4K camera, for casual use, for $2000, the e-m1 Mark ii is a hard pill to swallow. I have tested a ton of cameras over the past year or two and I have repeatedly said my two favorite images are from my 5D3 with ML Raw and my D5500. And even though I am intrigued by the D7500, the lack of features and crop is keeping me from buying it at $1250. As a Canon and Nikon shooter, it seems like Fuji may be a good alternative when 4K, color, and organic image quality are my top priorities. For some reason, I don't know if it is the photographic history behind these companies but after hours of extensive research and hours of extensive testing, I have learned that I prefer the image and color from Canon, Nikon, Olympus and Fuji moreso than from Panasonic and Sony... even though I have been recently intrigued by images I have seen from the A7ii. Unfortunately, that doesn't leave me with a lot of options if I decide 4K is a necessity for a casual camera. As of now it is down to the D7500 or the X-T20. By the end of the summer, Olympus will have announced the E-M10 Mk III and hopefully that will be similarly priced and they will make my decision a lot easier.
  24. No, it exists mainly in the dry box now Ties in with the other thread on a different level really about there no point something having 20% better image quality if its 100% more difficult to shoot with. I think thats why the X-T20 might be the decent compromise for people after the image quality of the X-T2 with more of the form factor of the G7/G80 sort of camera.
  25. I would pick the X-T2 hands down, however🙂image quality doesn't exist in a vacuum.
  26. Man, Fuji colors and smog look amazing. I think Fuji is the only brand I haven't tested... hmm... x-t20 is pretty inexpensive... Okay, since you are an owner of both cameras, if you had to compare solely on image quality and color, which would you choose? I agree some sort of IBIS would be great, menus... ehh... even Sony menus don't take a genius to figure out so how bad could they be? And zebras... I can take or leave them. IMO they're good for a quick reference but as you know I don't use them to expose... except for Raw. With 8bit cameras, you can usually judge by eye or the in camera meter if the image will be overexposed or not. So, based on 4K quality and color... which would you pick up more often?
  27. Lock an individual image while reviewing it instead of going through the menu and the stupid double confirmation? I'm buggered if I can find it and Fuji told me that it doesn't do it because no one ever asked for it! Where is it?
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