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  2. Are you considering narrative work?
  3. A quick test shot with the Veydra Mini Primes on the GH4, recording in UHD to a VideoDevices PIX-E5 in ProRes. Picture Style: Cinelike D.
  4. Since you're doing 2D type animation stuff, I'd recommend shooting long focal lengths. This will "sit" better in the eventual composition. I made a green screen project a few years back wherein we tried the short lens look. Didn't like it at all and threw out all those shots. Edge distortion was awkward. And, FWIW, we shot vertical too. Also, an art direction thing to consider: Your subject is darker than the background. As a rule of thumb, to make the image easier to look at, reverse that. Not that you need to always do this, just a consideration. Working in the virtual realm like you're doing gives you complete control over your "lighting." Make sure you exploit it.
  5. Yeah, we're pretty lazy across the pond. Without screw on filters, a lot of us probably wouldn't use any. Sadly, I am probably going to invest in that magnetic filter holder because screwing on a filter is quickly becoming a chore...
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  7. Thanks for the correction - this seems to be an issue of the U.S. versus the rest of the world. The Black Satin filter aren't available as screw-ons in Europe (or at least I haven't been able to find them yet).
  8. B&H carries screw on Tiffen Black Satin filters. Satin filter
  9. No, because they aren't available as screw-on filters and therefore out of reach for most people here.
  10. I remember almost 20 years ago when Foveon announced their new technology. I was excited and sure they would take over the world. Since then they have made little progress in threatening the CMOS dominance of "mass and momentum." If there is a sensor revolution many companies will have to abandon a lot of infrastructure and we'll all have to start thinking differently about how we define "resolution."
  11. "perspective" is only function of distance. You probably getting the same perspective as a 55 on a 35FF camera.
  12. Focal length actually has nothing to do with "long faces:" it's the distance from the subject that affects perspective. The reason wide angle lenses are associated with unflattering faces is because people tend to get very close to the person to fill the frame of the shot. If you're trying to get head-to-toe coverage, you'll naturally have to back up from the subject, so your 12mm may work just fine... Since you're getting more coverage by going vertical, I guess you might need a little tighter of a lens, though. Having never shot vertically it's hard to say. I bet a 17 or 21mm would work great.
  13. There is a flickr pool but usual rules apply with those pools in terms of separating the wheat from the chaff. https:[email protected]/pool/
  14. This is so awesome - really excited to hear about this sensor technology!! The challenge is going to be getting to 800 ASA. If that's possible but yes super excited about this technology. Wish it could be used with other lenses - not just sigma glass How does the older sd15 compare with the new quattro?
  15. Yup. This was shot with the Tiffen Satin filter
  16. Thank you! It seems way better then GoPro 5!
  17. That was a close one. I walked in the shop and Satan himself was stood there with two Leica SLs at "oh hang on" prices so I had to get the Fuji quick and get out. Anyhoo, what I mainly miss about England is the ready availability of secondhand lens bargains and of bacon and sausage sarnies so it seems entirely appropriate that the first picture I took with one should be of the other.
  18. We'll see how that goes. I don't dislike Panny's IBIS, but I don't love it either. It drifts a bit. Not bad for some things, frustrating for others. You need to engage digital stabilization to settle any sort of handheld jitters above a focal length of 25mm. BTW, I often use a OIS 14-140 Panny lens which activates the tandem "dual" OS-IS stabilization when turned on...not that impressive, tbh.
  19. These past 8 months I've used the XT2 for pro video use more then any other camera in my arsenal ( A7S2, C100, 5D3 ). In fact I have sold ALL my other cameras and currently only use the XT2. The booster grip is of course essential. With a cheap Nikon adapter I'm using all my Nikon FF glass again and am actually getting better results in my opinion then with Fuji glass (albeit manual focus control). Now I am still in the market for a second cam, which may very well be the D850 as I'm missing the full frame look..
  20. The GH4 has a high bitrate intra option. Most concluded it was worse than the 100 Mbps H264.
  21. Hi! Sorry for posting here if it's wrong section. Travelling with my NX1 and the S lenses. After a medium rain (probably) the first real rain for this NX1 + 16-50 S lens I noticed that the EVF is white when I was switched Bluetooth on to transfer the jpegs. First it looked like a old tv set with grain amd then went white (low white whem in lcd mode and high when switch to EVF mode). In the rain I used the built in flash but first noticed that the flash didn't fire. Though it had to do with electronic shutter. Chronology: 1. Going out in the rain. No lens change during being outside. 2. Getting message on screen (Electronic shutter available). ???!!!! (Have had El. Shutter on since I've had the camera but never seen the message). 3. Tried to use integrated flash. First nothing happened. Switched "Electronic shutter" off. The the flash worked. Took some images and did some video while out. 4. Got home with camera after 50 minutes. Left it a bit to dry on a plastic "sheep skin". 5. Turned it on to use Bluetooth to transfer images and a video. Noticed after turning on bluetooth via the lcd that the EVF is shining white. Taking picture with the lcd works however. Have detached the battery grip, lens and hve put the camera upside down with the integrated flash open to dry just in case. Anyone experience something similar? Would be hard if the EVF is broken. Never had anything similar happen before. The NX1 is supposed to be weatherproof right? (There is a commercial with it and the 16-50 S lens in a faucet under the tap. And I don't remember anywhere saying to not to open/use the flash in rain.) And this wasn't any special rain. Far from a monsoon. Kind Regards. Teheimar.
  22. me too
  23. Filmed in Austria at the Dachstein region. Samsung NX1 + Voigtländer Ultron 40mm + Bolex 16/32/1.5x + HCDNA.
  24. Does anyone here have personal experience with the Tiffen Satin or Black Satin filters?
  25. Hi Everyone, For sale is my precious 1DC, it is in new condition and has only 8000 release cycles. It was mostly used for taking pictures. I haven't used it for filming as much as I planned, that's the reason for selling. I am sad to let her go... Comes with: - 2x Transcend 1000X 128Gb CF Cards - 1x Lexar 1066X 64Gb CF Card - 2x Batteries - Eddycam Special Edition PRESSE Camera Strap - Box with manuals, canon strap, cables, charger...etc. Price: 4100 Euro Let me know if you have any questions, I'll reply as quickly as I can.
  26. Hi Tim---There is a wedding photographer near Sydney that uses an X-T2 as one of his bodies . His name is James Day
  27. Price reduced to £2700 / £3000 with lenses.
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