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  2. @Cinegain I always enjoy your insights, and it's refreshing to hear someone taking into account the fun factor. But I still believe lenses, LED lights, microphones, tripods, sliders, gimbals and so on are a better investment than cameras, since we usually hold onto them for many years or even decades, whereas we often trade in or sell camera bodies every few years. Why is that? I'll get to that in a moment, but first... I'd make a graph but my computer skills are nil, so I'll just have to type it out the old-fashioned way 🙂. 1 Leica Nocticron - $1,200/10 years = $10/month investment 3 camera bodies - $2,000 pc./10 years, sell two on eBay for $1,000/each... ? BTW, my math skills are nil too! Of course, I'm guessing many of us will own more than three camera bodies over the course of 10 years. Returning to the fun factor. Take a look at any of the forum threads for cameras, and you'll see lots of hand wringing, dozens upon dozens of criticisms about ergonomics, features, jello, noise, frame rates, codecs and so on. Now, check out the lens subforum. So quiet! Hardly a single dissatisfied user to speak of. Take the Leica 12-60mm f/2.8-4 lens, for example, the one I spent all my energy on trying to dissuade readers from purchasing. 😂 Nary a murmur.
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  4. Good point. I never intended to be a filmmaker, let alone a considerate one. I keep trying, some days it pays off, some days it doesn't. Every day I learn something, usually through my failures more than my successes.
  5. I still in some respect treat every camera I use as if I'm shooting film...I think just burning through footage or photos hurts the choices one makes and you land up not knowing when you got it right from wrong.
  6. Video AF and AFC is crap (or non existent) with EF lenses on M43 but AFS is pretty much native. EF to E is much slower with most E mount cameras though I believe the later ones are much better.
  7. @wolf33d Actually, the 12-32mm f/3.5-5.6 kit lens is by no means a soft lens - I did a direct comparison between it and the $1,000+ Vario 12-35mm f/2.8 on my GM1 a few years back and was surprised at how well it held up. Unfortunately, it hasn't got a manual focus ring. And I never was able to find a decent ND filter for it here in Vietnam because of the small filter thread (37mm I think).
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  9. Wow wow wow You guys are really amazing. I do not know where to start but I will say this: to @Emanuel I do not know why you keep attacking me, and start now by judging me. You tell me I take too quick conclusions on gear, yet you judge me personally without knowing me at all. Funny isn't it? to @jonpais well, I am not sure you realize what being in the backcountry under 120mph winds, rain, hiking 15 miles a day for multiple consecutive days mean. It means that I reduce my weight as I can (and have those cheap super light 12-32mm was a choice of mine in this regard) It also means I do not have the time to put a ND on when the light requires it, then remove it - under the rain - when the light changed, and so on and so on. You have to think different than a normal shooting situation. I am just an amateur doing is 3rd travel video, going to Patagonia to enjoy trekking. I try to have the shooting experience the most automatic and non intrusive possible. This was not a professional shooting. I did not go there for the movie but for me and my girlfriend. So I do not care about your ND filters. I cared about enjoying and bringing then back a memory taking form with this movie Now if you have a look at my Cuba video, conditions were better and easier and I had more time to shoot manual (including focus) as you can see below. I was just sharing the video as this is a GH5 thread. And giving my thoughts about the camera. I think that should be the last time I share something here if it is either to get personal attacks, either to try to say I am dumb not to be able to carry a 1 ounce ND filter. I really do not get your points. I received many constructive comments from friends (critics about some of the transitions being too repetitive for example). Yours were not. And the slowmo stuff VS filming in high res is a personal choice. For high res, I take photography (see my gallery here: let me know if you have constructive comments) My previous video (Cuba) should be more to your linking in term of ND filter, resolution and shits
  10. Media100?
  11. I mostly use native lens as I hate the wobble when doing critical focus with adapted lens and adapter, plus AF is crap with adapted lens and drain more battery.. Hence I have dual native Sony E mount and MFT lens lol. Though I mostly buy 2nd hand lens which MFT is pure bargain (up there with Canon), Sony one is still more expensive, i can get both 12-40 and 35-100 2.8 for the price of one used Sony 70-200mm F4 OSS and still lighter. 18-105 on FS5 and Sony 28-135mm on A7S is my fav lens, too bad Pana doesn't have equivalent PZ lens on their setup which is a bummer. I used to have Leica F1.2 and Voigtlander 0.95 lens, but since I got Osmo X5 I just use small primes for gimbal stuff as I mostly use zooms nowadays for my shooting, and don't shoot night much at all.
  12. Wooooow...very interesting. Old Nx1 destroys the new kid on the block, on my personal scorecard.
  13. Just finished my 2nd round of shooting for my short. I had a little more trouble correcting these images as I shot a lot in lower light than the first round. But here are a few shots that turned out okay... I will say that I think ML Raw has ruined me for other cameras.
  14. Decent results for sure. Was going to ask if that was Miami, then saw the clues. Your username now makes sense MIA = Miami
  15. The value of a lens is very subjective. What one person values and uses daily, someone else may leave in a drawer unused. I wouldn't pay the high price of the best M43 lenses because it is not my primary system and mostly I will adapt lenses. Doesn't mean they are not good, just not good value for me. Even the Olympus 12 f2 was not being used all that much and I needed some money so I sold it and the same even with the 45 1.8 (as cheap as it is). Best value lens I own is also by far the most expensive (Canon 17mm TS-E) but other lenses I consider great value at the price include the cheap Canon 40 2.8 STM (which makes a nice portrait lens on M43), Canon EF 100 f2, Sony Zeiss 55 1.8, Sony FE 28-70 kit lens and even the cheap 18-55 APSC IS ii Canon kit lens and the Sigma 150 2.8 APO macro is a very nice dual system lens. I do get more value if I can use a lens across systems though some are much better used only on one (the Canon 17 TS-E is almost only used on FF Sony). Value is what you are prepared to pay. The Pentax 1.7x auto focus adapter is a case in point. This thing was around from the film days and the start of auto focus. It allows manual focus lenses to be used for auto focus and is high quality. I got mine with a film camera before digital was a thing for most people. It seems Pentax stopped making them so there was a reasonable but limited number around when Pentax started with the IST*D and through the first few DSLR models, there wasn't a huge range of longer AF lenses and the price of the AFA on the likes of Ebay went from around $100 or so up to around $1000 or more even. It seems Pentax (or someone) started making a new batch and also a few AF lenses started appearing and the price of the AFA plummeted again all in the space of a couple of years. Those who paid around the $1000 would have said they got value in many cases (I thought it was worth it which is why I didn't cash in and sell mine then). I went mirrorless and sold most of my Pentax gear so sold the AFA for a fair price (a LOT less than $1000). It worked great with a manual focus 300mm 2.8 lens on a stabilized camera. HMM, they seem to be at around $500 on Ebay now.
  16. No Glenn, I believe your mistake : ) is thinking that bothers me someone likes some other camera better than GH5. I just wish that camera may end the best seller ever. For a simple reason: To be able to welcome other hybrids out there to compete with the features of this one. And a GH6 to come even much more innovative than the predecessor. This doesn't mean I put any other camera lower than GH5. They're all welcome, really. Only pro features as those we find in GH5 captures my attention and devotion. As well, its outcome, confirmed by lots of videos, not only those you've mentioned among the usual YT mediocracy. The way people don't explore the complexity of the GH5's AF system or try to exaggerate limitations REALLY puzzles me. What to say about REDs, Blackmagics and so on? But the worst is people thinking they know what they actually don't know. Would I trust on wolf33d for a video like those shot by him? Yes. Why not? : ) To accurately tell me about the autofocus of a product which requires time and dedication but he has decided to dislike? Never. :-) And he is not the only one... Unfortunately, not every camera has successors at higher level. Do you remind the PureView 808? We are 5 years later... And? :X (without mention we have a new model every year in the smartphones segment) I am addicted to bargains instead, I confess :-)
  17. Like I said there 'Now, I'm not saying higher quality lenses do not justify the higher price'. But to actually be willing to get one at that higher price is something different. It's a matter of personal perspective. Just, if you get the Sigma 30mm f/1.4 you're really getting a good deal, because they nail it at that price. You really get for what you pay. For me they're like spot #2 on the graph: Spend very little and there's not much reward, spend a little bit more and increasingly you will probably be able to find a better deal. At some point the curve flips and the more you spend, you do get better quality, but you have to spend a whole lot more for very little increase in results. Now, especially at the high end, you're not just paying for those extra few percents of results, it's an exclusive market and therefor alone prices are higher (like I said, target audience has deep pockets, drop in quantity results in higher pricing for same overall gains compared to say a kit lens that they sell a boatload off). I'm merely speaking for myself, but, I tend to dangle at the 2 and below section of the graph. I think it's also one of the reasons I'm not a mac user and my phones over the last couple of years came from chinese manufacturers (so not even Samsung, etc). So, when would the 42.5mm f/1.2 come in question for me? Say, at 1049, it's 250,- off from 1299, still over 1k, but then I might atleast consider it. It might roughly be where the results meet the price for me personally. The Voigtländer 42.5mm brings f/0.95 to the table at 999 bucks. And the lens cap won't say 'Lumix G'. :P Like it, for me, there are so many interesting options on the market, native, third party, speedboosted, that there's plenty of alternatives. I don't feel forced to have to go the Leica route at all. Especially not at 1299. Speaking of 12mm primes. I remember the Olympus 12mm f/2. I thought that would be an amazing one to fly on a glidecam or even when the Nebula 4000 appeared that got me excited. But at 999 launch price, there just was no way. It has come 300+ bucks down in a couple of years. Ultimately they have to become the price more people are actually willing to pay. But... if you care about the best of the best only and Panasonic/Leica is absolutely right aiming at you with your deep pockets... then... it's a match made in heaven, no? I'm not opposed to that. Besides, you can prance around in exclusivity, because you have the absolute best of the best and others do not. Just... I wouldn't be so easy to dismiss those others. Sure, lenses are one thing, but there are a lot of still really great lenses and people that can do marvelous things with 'em... a lens isn't going to tell a story by itself. Of course, I myself hate when people use extreme examples, like there's nothing in-between, so yeah, obviously the best gear in the best hands leads to awesome things. But, for me I don't have to have the best of the best at literally all costs. That's why we're shooting on Panasonics, Samsungs and what not and not everything on ARRIs. For me it's more about the value, and that's something on a personal level and very very subjective. Of course it's also because most of what I shoot is with lenses 35mm or wider (speedboosted 50mm (0.71x) ~ 35mm as well), that's another kind of thing you could take into account. Or perhaps you want to establish a consistent image character throughout your focal range and the Leica would be the odd man out.
  18. The best GH5 review out there. Wolfcrow did a great job.
  19. Nope, but they will work with NX. Ive used them to sync Amira/2x 5D3's to audio recorder on a doco...they are very versatile little things that are virtually camera agnostic.
  20. Looked at it but it's not significantly brighter ( I.e usable in sunshine) than my VideoDevices PIX-E which is also a recorder. They also have a 2200 nit ultrabright which will be usable in sunshine but it's £2500...
  21. @Hans Punk Have you used the NX cameras with the Tentacle?
  22. I did a quick test shooting 180 VFR and apply twixtor (10%). This slow mo is equivalent of shooting at 600fps. Each sequence that last 10 sec in the video was 0.5 sec in real life. Obviously this is far from behind perfect, the subject it boring, twixtor soften the image and generates artifacts. Just a test to see how far I could push the slomo mode with somehow decent results.
  23. This is just about as late as they can leave it. Having been on C100 MK1 for years for the standard budget level work where Amira can't be hired in, it's annoying not to have anything over 30p and no 4K. It absolutely needs 4k/30p at least, and 1080/100p wouldn't go amiss. Otherwise I'm off to get a GH5 to cover those needs. Money is waiting, Canon!
  24. An interesting document from Panasonic about how to work with LOG. The PDF is specific to the DVX200 but it does contain interesting info.
  25. I wouldn't buy those overpriced plastic lenses either - I prefer the overpriced metal ones.
  27. I understand your points, but I like soft video that takes the edge off the inherent digital videoey look of these cameras. I probably would have used a smaller frame rate to get a little more sharpness, but it's not my video... now as to why he didn't use ND filters... IDK... I would have but again irrelevant. Yup, I think he handled the color nicely compared to a lot of videos I have seen. But your sharpness point is really another negative of the GH5, or an overblown feature that seems like a pro but may actually be a con. We've all seen Wolff's Cuba video, the man knows what he's doing and is capable of razor sharp footage. As far as not subscribing to an old comment of mine... well... a little more information as to what you oppose in that comment may make your point a little more clear. Okay, let me clarify... at the time... weeks... months ago... IMO Kholi's video was the best footage floating around from the GH5. If I had to choose now, I'd say Luke Neumann's 6K Alien Video is the best GH5 footage I've seen and that motorcycle video you posted a few weeks ago. All of those filmmakers would have made equally great footage, maybe better, with 5D4... which is my real issue with the GH5... On the surface it is a great camera, with great features... there just hasn't been as many great videos popping up... which has actually surprised me. I really, really wanted to buy a GH5, but I just haven't seen enough compelling footage to warrant the price tag. Again this is just my opinion.
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