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Why you’re better shooting video in stills mode on the Sony A7S

September 4, 2014 Andrew Reid (EOSHD)

After a while now shooting with the Sony A7S (final part of my review coming soon, review part 1 here) I have found it’s better to shoot video outside of the Sony movie mode on the dial. Here’s how to set up the M stills mode on the dial for movie recording and get two important advantages over Sony’s movie mode.

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Last call for the Van Diemen Iscorama V2.0 upgrade!

August 30, 2014 Andrew Reid (EOSHD)

If you want your Iscorama to join an elite of less than 20 in existence – high performance ones with greatly improved handling and construction, then you have until Tuesday 2nd September to join the EOSHD / Andrew Wonder group buy! Email EOSHD here to join the list. The modification made in the UK by cine lens specialists Van Diemen will build into the lens a brand new focus movement, for a shorter throw of 150 degrees. Much better for follow focuses and quicker manual focus by hand. Close focus will come down to 3 ft 6 inches with the aim of

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Come With Me (We Are One) – an EOSHD music video for DJ Paul Van Dyk

August 25, 2014 Andrew Reid (EOSHD)

I’ve recently worked with the Grammy Award winning DJ, from Berlin – Paul Van Dyk. Although the final cut and grade was done by his record label, the shots are taken from my EOSHD camera test videos and personal creative shoots shot in Berlin over the past 12 months and it’s a real honour that such a major commercial artist appreciates my shots enough to associate them with his music. There’s a variety of cameras in the mix, used to shoot the images – see if you can tell which. A big thanks to Christina Mj Zahra (dark haired girl dancing) and Frank Sauer (my collaborator

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Iscorama owners! Convert your lens into a cinema anamorphic with the Andrew Reid / Andrew Wonder group conversion

August 16, 2014 Andrew Reid (EOSHD)

Iscorama owner or simply interested in anamorphic lenses? Join the EOSHD Anamorphic Forum here The Iscorama is a wonder of vintage optics. No focus breathing, a unique patented focus mechanism, small size and sharp at fast apertures. The beauty is the sheer number of primes you can use it with. Whilst an Iscorama may look expensive at $3000 a pop (used!), a full set of Zeiss master anamorphics cost an eye watering $305,000 ($43,600 per lens). Now it’s about to become even better, but only if we club together as Iscorama users to make this happen…

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Sony A7S 120fps slow-mo at ISO 12,800

July 26, 2014 Andrew Reid (EOSHD)

I shot ‘Nomad’ with my friend Susanna and the Sony A7S a few days ago, in 120fps slow-mo mode. Light sources were only a candle, iPhone torch and an old industrial German desk lamp with red filter on the front. I am amazed at the clean results. ISO levels were pushing on for 12,800 in most of the shots.

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New OK Go music video shot on Panasonic GH4

June 25, 2014 Andrew Reid (EOSHD)

I don’t know at what point OK Go’s music turned into New Order but I like the new direction almost as much as their choice of camera! Here’s the behind the scenes video of how OK Go made their latest video with the Panasonic GH4.

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The EOSHD Panasonic GH4 Shooter’s Guide – Now Available

June 4, 2014 Andrew Reid (EOSHD)

Just $19.99 Written by Andrew Reid The new EOSHD Panasonic GH4 Shooter’s Guide is for filmmakers, photographers and all users interested in mastering video on the GH4! The guide covers the features of the camera concisely telling you only what you need to know and nothing that you don’t.